A New Life

Zoey, a twenty year old woman who is working undercover for the New York Times, is One Direction's new fashion designer and is unaware that there is a brawl between two of the members of the band, for her.


4. The Meeting.

      I look in the mirror as I got out of the shower. This is who I am. I am Zoey and not Kristen, but for the sake of my career I am forced to live a lie. This was it. I am at my hotel getting ready to meet these teenage boys. I can't help but to think how I am going to do this. I call John through the room's phone.

        "Hey gorgeous, I wanted to let you know I landed safely and also, that I am going to meet these kids in about another two hours. I am so sorry! I forgot the time difference! Sorry if I woke you and Mike up. Well good night hun!"

        I heard a knock on my door. I walk over grabbing my towel to save some decency for who ever is there. I look through the small pep hole and find it was Lou dressed and ready to go. I open the door confused.

        "Babe, what are you doing? You should be dressed already? We're leaving in fifteen." she said as she barged into my room. Without saying a word back I ran to my suitcase getting whatever would look nice.

      "Formal or casual?" Not knowing what to wear, I yelled out. I heard some shuffling through the door. "Lou?" The door open with a simple back dress and dark gray pumps. "Thank you so much!" I quickly changed into the dress and put on my shoes. "Good?" She nodded in approval.

      "I'll quickly do your hair now and do your make up in the car." I could not stop saying thank you. I cannot believe that I am already running late. My first day on the stupid job and I am running late.

       "And you are done! Once again, Lou takes home the gold." I looked in the mirror amazed on how fast and beautiful my hair looked. My wavy blond hair never looked so pretty with a very subtle braid tying both formal and casual.

      We run to the lobby and through fans, just to get into the car waiting for us. I turned to Lou in the back seat with me to start on my makeup. A thin layer of gold eyeliner over the black liner I had really brought out my brown eyes. I look like an amateur compared to the expert right in front of me. They're all going to wonder how I landed this job.

       We got out of the car and waited to be escorted at London's hottest nightclub, Grind. This proved how typical they must be. We walked through dancing bodies of men, women and other celebrities. I was mesmerized by the lights and sounds as I walked toward the VIP section.

       "This here is Kristen of San Diego, California. She's your knew fashion stylist." The man introduced. Lou made herself comfortable to Harry. Laughing already, he turned to me smiling. His green eyes shimmered in the night club's florescent lights.

        "Hi, I am Niall. Here you can have a seat if you'd like." He got up and sat next to Liam who introduced himself right after.

        "Hello and thank you Niall." I could not think of what else to say to these guys. There was one missing. I look over to the dance floor and notice Zayn dancing with his now fiancé Perrie Edwards. Nothing unusual so far.

        "I love San Diego. It is so much fun. The people there are real nice." Louis broke the ice.

         "Oh, Babe, you didn't have to lie. I don't like Californians, they're always causing traffics like New Yorkers. It's always such a hassle." They all laughed. I felt a bit better and lighter knowing that I can at least crack a couple of jokes.

        "So Niall, I cannot believe your best friends with Katy Perry! That must be fun right?" He smiled and leaned in.

         "Yeah, it's sick. I never that would happen 'cus I never thought I would make it this far." He seemed genuine. I mean a guy from a small town in Ireland, it makes sense.

       "Hey! Sorry I was out there dancing, my name's Zayn Malik and this here is Perrie." He held out his hand and gave me a firm handshake. Perrie smiled but said nothing. She sat right next to Zayn who sat right next to Louis. This was getting a bit strange now. I could feel the tension through the thick body heat roaming around the nightclub, the sound of music grew even louder.

         "Kristen! Wanna dance?" Lou asked with her arm extended. I couldn't just say no, so I got up and followed after her. It was an electro pop song that is, my guess, very popular here in the UK. Harry and Niall came up started dancing with us and not in a sensual way more of an initiation into the group. It was a friendly dance with a group of friends, Kristen's friends.


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