Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter

Chloe is a normal 17 year old. She has blond hair and blue eyes, she is also a cheerleader. She lives in LA and is single. Chloe's parents filed a divorce when she was 10 and her mom is engaged with some man who Chloe never met. Little does she know its Scooter Braun. She and her mom move in with Scooter and Justin. Will Chloe fall for Justin? Was their love meant to be?


35. Justin's POV

Justin's POV

I love Chloe, and I think I should tell her. I believe we should take our relationship to the next level and make love to each other. I know she says she isn't ready, and I get that, but it's just that we are getting married soon and it just makes since. Okay, I am going for it.

"Hey baby?" I screamed to upstairs.

"Yes?" She said walking down the steps.

"Uhm, um..." I chocked out, God I am too nervous!

"What? Are you going to break up with me? Are you cheating? Are you cheating on me with Sel-" I interrupted her before she could finish that last sentence.

"No, I don't why I an nervous, but I think it is from your beautiful bod!" I said smirking the last part. Nice save!

"So what did you want then?" Chloe asked getting impatient.

"I want to take you on a date tonight. Be ready by seven and wear casual clothes." I said.

"Okay, well we have an hour. Do you want to cuddle and watch Spongebob?" She requested.

"Anything for my bæ!"

"Did you just call me you bæ? You are such a dork!!" She said while giggling.

"But only your dork!" I commented.

"Okay, okay. Whatever Biebs!" She sighed.

She plopped down on the couch and patted the seat next to her. I gladly sat down and wrapped my arm around her waist as she leaned her head down on my shoulder.

I changed the channel to Spongebob and put down the remote. I couldn't wait for tonight. Since it is kind of, I guess, not planned. I think we should go iceskating or something.

While I was thinking about this, Spongebob's annoying laugh echoed through the room. I looked over at Chloe and she was snoring softly. I pulled out my phone and took a selfie with her.

I pulled up shots and commented "selfie with my sleeping beauty" and hit share. I pulled up Instagram and posted the same. And finally posted it on twitter. My phone started to blow up instantly.

Her tone was on full volume, so it blared and woke her up. She looked at the time and sprinted up the stair after giving me a quick peck on the lips.

While she was changing and stuff, I decided to call the rink.

"Hello?" A random person said.

"Hi, this is Justin Bieber and I was wondering if I could rent out your rink tonight?"

"Yes you may. That will be $200 sir." He replied.

"Okay, I will pay when we get there. Thank you. Bye." I said hanging up.

Chloe ran down the stairs and was wearing light blue jeans with a few rips in them and a crop top that said SWAGGY.

"Okay swag master, are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Yes justin." She said giggling, then kissing me slowly.

After our little make out, we decided to walk to the rink. We talked about random things and entered the empty arena with a floor of thick ice.

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