Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter

Chloe is a normal 17 year old. She has blond hair and blue eyes, she is also a cheerleader. She lives in LA and is single. Chloe's parents filed a divorce when she was 10 and her mom is engaged with some man who Chloe never met. Little does she know its Scooter Braun. She and her mom move in with Scooter and Justin. Will Chloe fall for Justin? Was their love meant to be?


33. Fun times

Chloe's POV

Alli and I have just been messing around all day and we went to the gym for a little bit too. Finally we decided to start planning for the wedding.

"Okay, what do you want your colors to be?" Alli asked.

"I'm purple and Justin is gold. He wants gold to be his color so he can wear his favorite supras." I answered rolling my eyes. Alli and I both giggled.

"Nice! So what kind of dress do you want?"

"Well, I want to have a strapless, long flowy dress. I want the bridesmaids to pick out there own dresses, but I get to pick the maid of honor's!" I said.

"Really? What are you going to pick for me? Can I at least have an opinion about it? I want to be able to like the dress I am wearing for your wedding!" Alli answered laughing.

"I guess, but I really want to surprise you! We wear the same size so it will be fine! No worries." I finished.

She just shook her head and sat on her couch. For the rest of the day, we just sat on the couch and watched tv.

"I wonder what Justin is doing?" I ask.


"Ha! Beat that Ryan, five times in a row!!" I yelled in his face.

It was so nice to have him live in cali now because I don't have to wait for him to come into town to hang out. We have always been close and he is the only one, besides my mom, who really knows who I am.

All the sudden, my phone starts ringing. I look at the caller id and see Selena's name on my iPhone screen. Great! (Note the sarcasm) I show Ryan and he just laughed.

"I better answer this, I will be right back." I tell Ryan.

"Ok, but don't mess up cuz I like Chloe being in your life!" He said pushing me out of the room.

I scurry into the back yard and hit answer.

"Hello." I say with no emotion in my voice.

"Hey justy!" I hear in a high-pitched annoying voice.

"Don't 'Hey justy' me! What do you want anyway Selena." I said angrily.

"Oh I was just wondering if we could go out tonight or something?"

"Sel, you know I am dating Ch-"

"Great! I will be at your place by seven!" She said interrupting me.

Before I could reply, she hung up. I was so mad, no, I was fuming! I punched the wall with my right wrist ignoring the pain and the blood. I got in my car and drove.

*A/N hey guyzzzz!!! Sorry for not updating😬 And cliffhanger!!!!! I am adding another chapter tonight! Remember that 5 comments= new chapter

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