Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter

Chloe is a normal 17 year old. She has blond hair and blue eyes, she is also a cheerleader. She lives in LA and is single. Chloe's parents filed a divorce when she was 10 and her mom is engaged with some man who Chloe never met. Little does she know its Scooter Braun. She and her mom move in with Scooter and Justin. Will Chloe fall for Justin? Was their love meant to be?


8. Chapter 8- You what?!

Chloe's POV- I walk into the house to see an empty kitchen and living room. I walk upstairs and hear voices. "But why did you call her that Justin?" Scooter asked. "I don't know, I was just mad and this girl has been driving me crazy." Justin replied. Well that hurt. "I think I might be falling for Chloe." Justin continued. I heart was beating really fast, did Justin have a crush on me? Does he want me to be his girlfriend? I ran out of the hallway and into my room. Hopefully they didn't hear or see me spying on them. Man, I am a stalker. I just sat on my bed watching TV, acting like nothing happened. "Hey Chloe?" Justin asked walking into my room. "Ya?" I replied. "Your mom and Scooter are going out again and I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie or something." Justin said. I just sat there speechless. "I mean you don't have t-" I interrupted him. "S-Sure I will be down in a little, just give me a second to get ready. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I hop in the shower, don't get my hair wet, and and just let the warm water wake me up. I hop out, put a pink crop top, with dark blue high waist shorts on and put my grey converse on my feet. I straighten my long blond hair, apply light makeup and grab my phone. This was going to be an interesting night.
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