Scooter Braun's Step-Daughter

Chloe is a normal 17 year old. She has blond hair and blue eyes, she is also a cheerleader. She lives in LA and is single. Chloe's parents filed a divorce when she was 10 and her mom is engaged with some man who Chloe never met. Little does she know its Scooter Braun. She and her mom move in with Scooter and Justin. Will Chloe fall for Justin? Was their love meant to be?


23. Chapter 20- That night

Chloe's POV

*Three Weeks Later*

Today Justin is leaving for tour and I'm going with him. I am so glad that Alli is coming too. She is going with us because she is dating Christian. I am just so excited to go in tour because I gave never be around the world. Alli is one of my best friends and she will be there with me through what ever. I just got into my car and heading to Alli's. I am at the highway just about to turn into Alli's neighborhood when this big black van comes out of nowhere and hits me. That is all I remember and when I wake up Justin, Alli, and Christian are all looking over me. I look around and see the white hospital walls. I try to sit up, but I feel a shooting pain in my ribs. I look down to see a bandage over my side. "What happened I asked?" Alli looked scared and mumbled an answer. "I was scrolling through the t.v channels and saw a huge crash outside my house. I ran outside to see who it was and I saw you." I was shocked and I couldn't even speak. I just nodded my head and closed my eyes. Then a thought came to me. "Hey guys, shouldn't you go to the house, the tour bus should be here soon." I said. "No, I would never leave my boo behind!" Justin said on the verge of tears. I just giggled. "Honey it's fine, you need to go. By the way where is Scooter?" I asked. "Right here why?" He said while walking in the room. "Well you guys need to get going. I'm fine here by myself just I am going to call some cheer friends. You guys need to go on tour!" I said trying to make a point. "Fine..." Alli sighed loudly, a little too loud. They all said bye to me, but Justin tagged behind.

"I will miss you Bieber." I said.

"I will miss you too boo, make sure you Skype me everyday and you can come back on tour when you are 100% better!" He said poking my nose.

"K and no messing around JuJu!!" I said motherly like.

"Hey your not my mom! And I have to go, but I love you babe!" He said kissing me.

"Love you too boo." I said kissing him back.

J hugged me and then left. I grabbed my phone and texted Leah and Cylar. Cylar is dating Chaz and Leah is dating Ryan. They are also on my cheer team.

*group message. Ch for Chloe, C for cylar and L for leah*

Ch- hey guys can you come to the hospital. Alli left for tour with Justin and I am lonely.

C- yeppp sure thing. I will b there in 20

L- sorry i cant today but will tomorrow.

Ch- k but can u see if bri can come instead?

C- yeah she can come she will come with me. See ya in 20

Ch- k thanks see ya then!!

*end of convo*

I was so tired I just put my phone down and went to sleep.

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