One Direction are Demigods

We have a secret. A big secret. We are demigods. Usually, we lock ourselves up in our houses to stay safe. But there was one event that made us change. Liam had been taken by a monster. And that mystery girl who had sent a letter to us... Everything was a mystery. (One Direction not famous)


1. The Letter


I went into the kitchen, hoping that there was something to eat. There was only an apple. Sighing, I picked it up. I was hungry.

Then, my mom walked in.

"Niall, you eat too much for a fourteen-year-old boy. How about exercising since you eat like a pig?"

I said, "Sorry, Mom. I can't help it if I'm hungry all the time."

Mom shook her head.

"Niall, how about taking a walk?"

I sighed and grabbed my coat. Mom won. I was going for a walk. But maybe I would meet Liam, Zayn, or Harry! Who knows? They were my best friends.

When I was about to go out of the house, I spotted a letter at the doorstep. I opened it because it was addressed to me.

It said:

Dear Niall,

I saw you play at the school recital.. You are amazing.

I love you but I know you'll never find me.

You are the reason I am still living.

And I know your secret. Don't worry, I have the same secret.


K.S. Levi

She didn't really know my secret.. right? She couldn't! I mean, mortals weren't supposed to know. But she had said that she had the same secret as me. That got to mean that... she was a demigod, too.

You see, I'm a demigod. I didn't know until I was twelve. When Mom told me. She said that she was supposed to send me to Camp Half-Blood. But somehow, she didn't. And I was still safe.

Trust me, I don't go to the beach or go outside at all very often because I see things. Mom says its bad for me that I don't do anything at all but stay inside and play video games.

But if I could go out, I would. There was a reason that no one understood. I was scared.

Every time I go out of the house, I see monsters. Everywhere. Then, I run back home. Once they almost got me, but then, they just left..

I don't know what's happening but I knew one thing.

I hated being a demigod. I wished I was normal.



I was scared. I had seen a monster. Like a scary monster. Coming at me. It was usual. It was what happened almost every day.

But today, I didn't escape. From the monster.

The monster got me. And I couldn't see anything.



I'm like the only person out of my best friends who goes to Camp Half-Blood. But I have to go because I'm sixteen and I'm really scared of the monsters.

I think that Camp Half-Blood is the safest place there is. And my father tried several times to kill me, so I don't try to leave. I try my best to stay.

My father is well... Hephaestus... He tries his best to kill me all the time because he says that I am "a disappointing child."

Well... I sort of understand because whatever error there was, I don't have my dad's powers. I'm not really good at making things and I can't control fire.

Everyone says that I'm abnormal. But for some rotten reason, I have a strong scent. And because of that, the monsters are everywhere I go.

And since I don't have those special powers I am supposed to have, I can't really fight them. Everyone at camp hates me. No one wants to be friends with me.

It was obviously because my father hates me more than his other children.

And I wasn't really the kind of kid that was good at making friends. I was shy and all I did every day was read books about heroes and gods.

Maybe if I learn about the past and the gods and try to learn how to fight against the gods and the monsters, I'll be used in a quest!

That was my dream. To be involved in a quest.

I know I said that I was super scared of the monsters and I was very shy and didn't have any special abilities, but I wanted to be noticed. I wanted friends.

Maybe if I go on a quest with some other people, I'll get to be friends with them.



I hated going outside. I hated getting out of my room. I hated opening the window. I hated opening the curtains.

I wanted everything to be bright in my room, but I didn't want sunlight. Just light by the light bulb.

The reason I hated sunlight was because I hated my father. Apollo. Every time I saw and felt sunlight, it reminded me of my father.

I hated him because he had abandoned me. My mother tried to make me feel better every day, but it never worked.

I just got angrier at the fact that the world was covered with monsters. And they were after me.

Sometimes, I wished that I was never born. If I had to be born, I wished I was born as a mortal. A mortal that doesn't know anything about gods and goddesses that were watching us.

How unlucky I was. I didn't care about the special abilities I had. Every day, for the last three years, I had locked myself up in my room and did everything in there.

I had a bathroom attached to my bedroom, so I had no problems.

Suddenly, I got a call from Zayn.

"Hi, Zayn. What is it? Did you see a monster bigger than your house or something?"

Zayn sounded panicked and scared.

"No, Harry. It's Liam! He's captured! One of the monsters took him!"

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