There i was. Sporting the new outfit from Calii's! I wasn't popular. But to my boyfriend, Phillip, thought I was. My best friend Katt an I were walking in the mall. Spotting way too expensive outfits. I knew it was late and i had to get home. As i walked, i felt the cold chill of an Oklahoma day. She drove away and i headed to my car. Someone backed into me! With their car! I cussed at them, then walked fast trying not to feel bad, suddenly, i was taken.....


1. Mall with Katt

"Katt, wait up!" I said and hurry with bags hitting my leg as i ran in my 4 inch heals I got from Charlotte Russe. 

"You are SOO slow!" She said with a smile. 

"Hey, can we stop by the food court, I haven't eaten since 6 this morning!!" I said trying not to feel fat.

"Haha, okay. Chick-Fil-A?" She said with a questioned face.

"Yeah, anything!' I said dragging on the last word. 

We walked ap and i ordered just a chicken sandwich and a lemonade. They called my number and we walked outside. The cold breeze slapped my cheeks and we headed outside. 

"That guy I met at Starbucks the other day?" 

"Yeah?" i said turning to face her.

"He is gay!" She said with a big surprised face.

I laughed so hard! I spotted her car and she opened the door.

"Okay, so tommorow? Wanna go to the Cheesecake factory? My dad's getting his paycheck tommorow!"

"Okay sounds great!" I said and walked off. I pulled out my phone and called my mom. I told i was on my way home. I spotted my car. A silver Toyota truck. I was a truck girl, it said that on my license plate. Just then, some jackass with a red jeep pulled out and almost it me. He jumped out of his car. 

"miss, i am so sorry!" He said. He was wearing sunglasses. Its the middle of winter?

"Yeah! You almost hit me with your damn car! I could sue you!"

"I am so sorry, are you ok?"

"Yeah." I walked off checking my phone for a text from Katt. 

All of a sudden, someone hit me in the head. i was being dragged, into a red jeep. I was being taken..

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