Bestfriends with 5 Idiots

Nikki and Louis have been bestfriends since before they could even count to three. But when Nikki is always with Louis and the boys, will something change their friendship? Or... Someone?


2. Two

"Nikki don't you dare!" I hear Niall scream as I run with his guitar in my hands.

I turn around and shake the guitar. I yell back at him, "If you go get me food I'll put it down!"

He nods and I give him his guitar back. I giggle as he holds it close and slowly walks away.

He throws the guitar on his bed and runs toward me. He picks me up in his arms and tickles me while carrying me to Louis's room.

He throws me on a still sleeping Louis and Louis shoots straight up in bed and I laugh. "Morning Lou!" He tackles me and fusses about waking up too early.. Even though it's already almost noon.

Niall and I laugh uncontrollably while Louis storms out of his bedroom. I know just the thing to get him happy again, so I call out "Lou! Wanna come with Niall and I to get food?"

He runs back into his room while yelling "YESSS!"

Suddenly Harry, Liam, and Zayn pop their heads in and say "When and where are we getting food?"

10 minutes later we're all in my car with Louis driving. We blast 'Little White Lies'. My favorite song on the new album.

We scream the lyrics and laugh.

"You guys can you believe your tour already starts tomorrow?" I ask, and all the guys sigh.

"I can't believe it. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for tour again." Says Harry and the boys nod.

"I'm so glad you're coming again Nikki!" Niall says and I smile.

"Me too!" I say.

This tour I wasn't sure if I could come on, due to my grades. But I pulled them up because I just had to be here with the boys.

Zayn puts an arm around me and I lean in close to him.

"Hands off, Zayn!" Louis yells from the drivers seat and I giggle.

"Lou just because we've known each other for all our lives doesn't make you my dad!" I yell to him and he chuckles.

He yells back, "But Nik, I'm older than you!"

I lean back into Zayn and say "Only by 3 months!"

The boys laugh at our conversation, as they always do.

It's so fun being bestfriends with them. There's never a dull moment.

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