Bestfriends with 5 Idiots

Nikki and Louis have been bestfriends since before they could even count to three. But when Nikki is always with Louis and the boys, will something change their friendship? Or... Someone?


1. One

"On three. 1...2...3...!" Louis and I yell together as we run and jump off the boardwalk in unison.

We plunge into the water and I laugh and we splash water at one another.

"You're my bestest friend, Nikki!" Louis hugs me and I hug him back.

Those are my favorite memories.

It seemed like that summer would never end.

But when it did, Louis was preparing for X Factor.

It was early morning and Louis and I were driving to the auditions.

We went over his song again and again until we finally arrived.

The X Factor.

Louis had an amazing voice.

I knew he would make it.. And he did.

Being best friends since before pre-k, we knew literally everything about each other and I was ready to stay with him whatever he did in his life.

And he knew I was.

So he took me with him wherever he went. Be it a concert, a plane ride, out to dinner with the boys, you name it... I was there.

I still am.

And tomorrow starts the Where We Are Tour.

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