Bestfriends with 5 Idiots

Nikki and Louis have been bestfriends since before they could even count to three. But when Nikki is always with Louis and the boys, will something change their friendship? Or... Someone?


5. Five

Liam slowly stands and comes to sit next to me.

He hands me the phone and I look intently as Louis looks over my shoulder and the boys gather around.

I read a tweet from a girl named Kaitlyn. I recognize her as the girl who punched me.

"Score! Knocked Nikki Lee write in the mouth today at the airport! I know what hotel they're at! I'm not done with Nikki yet. She hasn't seen the last of me. Nikki, if you're reading this, I'll be there wherever you and the boys are. I'll get you good." I read the tweet out loud.

Louis grabs the phone from my hand and says "WHAT?" His voice is full of rage.

"Guys. What am I going to do? This girl is not going to stop." I say, with worry in my voice.

"Oh don't you worry, Nik. We've got your back." Liam says and all the boys yell "No one is gonna mess with our girl no uh!" They put their fists up and I know this is serious.

"No. I'm not going to risk you guys and your career. Wherever you go, I'll stay here. I'm not going to mess this tour up for you guys." I say, though I don't like saying it.

"Heck no! We're not going to let this girl get to you or mess up our tour. You'll be fine. I'll call Paul now. You will never go anywhere without a bodyguard until we leave New York. Got it?" Louis says, his voice full of concern and care.

I nod.

Is this really going to work?

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