Warning ; some chapters may contain strong language and / or mature content . i strongly recommend that if you do not like that type of stuff, please do not read this . thank you . xx

jason mccann & justin bieber fanfiction .


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unknown pov

  "would both of you just quit it? i've had enough of this." i said, to my boyfriend jason, and best friend justin as i sat down on my bed. all three of us were in my bedroom, arguing as usual, but this time, was completely different ; it was more intense. "yeah, you heard her, fag . she's had enough of this." jason said, glaring at justin . by the looks of it, justin didn't even seem the slightest bit upset . he had a plain, blank expression on his face. he shrugged his shoulders, not even looking at jason. "i'm pretty sure she means she's tired of you too, bro. i mean, i would be too after all the shit you put her through." that's when justin finally looked up at jason. "you don't think ariel doesn't tell me this stuff? if you haven't noticed, i'm her best friend. i've known her longer than your punk ass has. i'm the one that's in love with her, you on the other hand, you're just using her for sex. i know you hit her, and i know you forced her into having sex more than once. for the longest time, she didn't want me saying anything to you, but you know what, i'm tired of you hurting her." jason clenched his jaw as justin spoke. he knew that justin was speaking the truth... and so did i. jason looked over at me, shaking his head. he chuckled as he continued to look at me. "you told this little bitch" he paused to point at justin, who was sitting on the edge of my bed. "about what we've been through? ariel. i thought i fucking told you not to tell anybody. especially not this faggot." jason walked over to my dresser, which was by my bed, and leaned on it. "he's not a faggot. stop fucking saying that word, you know i hate it, it's very disrespectful." i said, looking at jason. it was quite for what felt like hours, but was only minutes. finally, jason, of course, broke the silence. "alright, ariel, listen. i-i'm sorry. i'm sorry for calling justin, a fa-" i cut him off before he could even say anything else. "don't you dare even say that word, jason andrew mccann." jason sighed loudly. he hated being called by his full name. "like i was saying.. i'm sorry for everything i've done, you know. i'm sorry for forcing you to do things that you didn't wanna do. i'm sorry for hitting you. a-a-and, i'm just sorry, baby. please forgive me." justin laughed loudly. "bro, don't even try to pull that "i'm sorry" shit. you don't want to lose ariel, i know that, but you just want to keep her because of me. i bet if she said, "okay" and i left, you would continue to beat her. am i right, or am i right?" i sighed, knowing that jason would go back at justin. "listen here you prick. i've had enough of you and your smart-remarks. let ariel speak for herself. she doesn't need your help for every damn thing. why don't you just leave and go back on twitter to complain to your beliebers about what happened. i bet those little bitches would love to hear about how you were being such a "gentleman" and sticking up for you supposedly "bestfriend"." all of us in that room knew at that moment, what just came out of jason's mouth, was a terrible mistake. it's one thing when you talk shit about justin, but it's a completely different other story when it comes to his beliebers. justin shot up and came toward jason. "what the fuck did you just say?" justin yelled. i hurried up and got in between the both of them. "you know what i said, bieber." jason said, smirking down at me. "oh, and what are you supposed to be doing?" before i know it, i'm on the floor. i hear objects being thrown. cursing. grunting. the sound of pain. i knew they were fist fighting. i was too scared to get up because i knew jason had pushed me down, and i didn't want to get in the middle of two guys fighting. i decided that the only thing i could do was scream... scream loudly. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and shortly after, screamed to the top of my lungs. after 10 whole seconds of screaming, it was quite. i heard heavy breathing. i quickly opened my eyes to see both of the boys standing up. faces slightly covered with blood. jason, to my surprise, looked the worst. it was obvious his nose was broken, he had blood dripping down his face. his eyes were watering. it looked as if he was crying. i looked over at justin to only see some blood on his face. his shirt was off, exposing his beautiful body. i quickly looked back at jason. "j-jason. are you... alright?" i said, slowly getting up. "oh yeah, i'm perfectly fine, you know, just besides the fact the my nose is probably broken and i fucking have blood all over me." he said, whipping some blood off his face with his shirt. justin looked over at jason. "keep being smart, and you'll have a black eye right along with that broken nose of yours." justin said, smirking, as if he was proud of what he did. "jason, let me get you cleaned up. justin, i-i'll be back." i walked over to jason, quickly grabbing his hand and walking out of the room. we walked straight to the bathroom. i turned on the light and quickly began to look for things to clean jason up. i finally found wipes to at least clean his face up. he winced as i put pressure on his nose. "dammit, ariel. be careful." jason said, sighing slightly. i didn't say anything. i just nodded my head and continued to clean him up. as i was finishing up, there was a knock on the bathroom door. "police. may we come in, ma'am? " my eyes widen as i looked at jason. he looked up at me, just as shocked. "uh, yeah, sure." i said, not knowing what else to say. the door quickly opened and there stood four cops. "that's him." one of the cops said. "are you jason mccann?" the other one said. i looked at jason, he bit his lip and looked down. "fuck.." he said. "you're under arrest." the cops came towards us and gently pushed me out of the way. "u-under arrest? for what? jason didn't do anything." i said, standing in the hallway. moments later, they had jason in handcuffs. one of the cops was grabbing onto jason's arm, while walking him down the stairs. "let me the fuck go! i didn't do shit." jason yelled at the cop, trying to get out of his grip. the three remaining cops came out of the bathroom. "why are you guys taking jason? what did he do?" i said to the closest cop to me. "ma'am, jason mccann has been wanted for over two years now. he's killed multiple people. on top of that, he's been wanted for theft, drug dealing, and rape." before i could even say anything, or even begin to think, i heard yelling from downstairs. "you fucking faggot, you're the one that called the cops on me, didn't you? huh?" i quickly ran downstairs to see justin sitting on the couch, and jason trying to run toward him. "i need help down here!" the cop that was holding jason said. all three of the cops came running down the stairs. jason was charging toward justin, but before we knew it, jason was on the ground, shaking. one of the cops had tasered him. i gasped at the sight. soon, tears began to flow out of my eyes. "get the fuck out of my house, now!" i screamed at the cops. the didn't say a word. one of them nodded their head and headed towards jason, who was still on the ground. another cop came over to help get jason up. the other two cops that were remaining, opened the front door and left. i looked at justin, who was now standing up. his eyes filled with concern, he began to walk over to me. the cops already had jason up, and halfway out of the door. "ariel... i l-love you." i heard a voice say. it was obviously jason, but i didn't pay any mind to him.  when the other two cops left with jason, justin shut the door behind him and locked it. he walked over to me, and hugged me tightly. "d-d-did you call the c-cops on him?" i said, sniffling. i heard justin sigh. he didn't say a word. which, i knew he was the one who called the cops. "thank you.." i quietly said, hoping that he wouldn't hear me. "anything for my best friend." he said.

the rest of that day, was a huge blur. the only other thing that i remember from then, was falling asleep in justin's arms.
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