smile outside hurt inside

Haylee has a best friend named Harry she likes him wants to tell but he went on the XFactor.One day she go's to collage and he doesn't remember her will she take it easy and just tell him how she feels or try to not listen to him at all


13. what have you done to me?

I looked at myself now.I heard knocking at my door.I looked to who it would be.I opened it it was the same figure that walked in before.Why am i here?i asked walked up to him.Well long story but Liam is going to ask you questions.

I nodded before he walked out he said.Nice change too.Then  i think Liam walked in.Your name is Haylee.You lost a lot of blood.How?i asked.Well That Curly boy kinda beat you and you lost blood.HE WHAT? i yelled asking too.\

Look Haylee calm down! he said sitting me down.He was a bit strong.Do you know your last name? No! if i did i would probably know my first but i know my middle one i think.Okay give it a try.I thought of all back then it hit me Harry! he beat me and all of it flashed back.

Thank you Liam James Payne i said and kissed him on the lips and ran out.I tip toed down stairs no one was in the kitchen.I walked in there.Then saw a knife.I grabbed it quickly and turned around.I walked to the living room.There sat Harry and that whit trash bitch.Why i screamed while asking.Put down the knife Harry said.

NO NEVER YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! i screamed.Calm down.Harry said getting up.If you even dare come close i swear i will stab you straight through the chest.i Said holding up the knife.Just in case he took the knife i had a gun on my belt.

He grabbed the knife from me then i pulled out the gun.What?Harry asked.You know i could just shoot you right now?i said.Not unless i do this and he threw the knife at my leg. it cut me deep but it feel i took it and threw the knife behind me.

Harry take it from me please just take it i said crying.I promise i won't shoot i said sobbing.I turned the gun around and said good bye Harry.Before i could shoot.Some one took it away from me.


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