smile outside hurt inside

Haylee has a best friend named Harry she likes him wants to tell but he went on the XFactor.One day she go's to collage and he doesn't remember her will she take it easy and just tell him how she feels or try to not listen to him at all


10. nasty fight

Yeah i Harry why did you bring that animal in here? she asked with a look on her face.She was an old friend.I went up to her and said Bitch shut your fake lips.She pulled my hair i punched he attacking her i choked her and pulled out her fake pieces of hair i pulled out some of her real hair with it.i punched her nose it bled and the last thing i said was im surprised you have real hair i gave her a smirk.Dont pull my hair every again FAKE BITCH!your Harry can buy you a new nose i screamed as Harry held me back and slapped me i turned around it came back to me the memories. i went to the floor crying,i ranup to my room locked it and found a pink room with all this girly crap in it. i threw out  the pink towels and put black ones in the bathroom.i threw out her pink and purple clothes out the window and all the other crap and i found black paint under the sink.i painted the wall dark blue with green on it.All there was was a bed and me.

Harry ran in asked WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?beating up your fake girlfriend.Well you need not to do that and here's what is going to teach you.He beat me and left me on the floor crying.with blood on my head

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