smile outside hurt inside

Haylee has a best friend named Harry she likes him wants to tell but he went on the XFactor.One day she go's to collage and he doesn't remember her will she take it easy and just tell him how she feels or try to not listen to him at all


6. home alone

My sister gave the house to myself to go live with her boyfriend.Oh well i guess i sat on the couch an watched Scream.After a few days we were off school and my sister was all done getting her stuff when i heard a knock at my door.I opened it before anything Harry pushed me and came in as i shut the door.Who do you think you are walking in my house like that? i said  Because i can he said and pushed my to the wall.Im staying ere in tell i find a place i got kicked out my house whether you like it or not im staying help me get my stuff in right know he threw me on the ground.

I got up and went to get his stuff and put it in my sister's old room.Here's your room i said he pushed me out of the way and shut his door.Bitch i said under mt breathe.I  walked into my room to  cut myself got that as a habit door burst open It was Harry when of course had the blade to my wrist.Whats that he asked looking over trying to see.see. Nothin i said shortly.He pulled my wrist and saw the blade and said of course he smiled and stood there.What you can leave now i said he came close to me and  said im in the mood for some lovings.But i dont love i said puting the blade down getting ready to make a run for my bed before he could do anything.




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