smile outside hurt inside

Haylee has a best friend named Harry she likes him wants to tell but he went on the XFactor.One day she go's to collage and he doesn't remember her will she take it easy and just tell him how she feels or try to not listen to him at all


2. almost same day

i woke and went down stairs to see if my sister was awake she wasn't so i went to make breakfast.i stopped and saw a picture of me and Harry when i was 13.Thought ran though my head.He said he would text me call visit me.None of that happen which made me sad.Breakfast was ready and i yelled for my older sister.My parents travel part of there job. Hmm what ya making she asked Eggs here you  go i have to go to school bye.I grab an apple and hopped in my car and drove off.

i went to the office for my class papers and how to get there.1st drama class yeah! i walked eyes staring at but everybody was smiling i felt welcome in-tell i saw someone familiar.He looked a bit like Harry .So whats you name the teacher asked?Haylee Paige Bettis i said with a big smile.People were getting partners(Haylee and Harry)harry i wondered.I was looking around then someone taped my on the shoulder.Hey haylee im Harr-you knew who he was from his eyes beautiful hair.Can we get to the project i asked very smartly.Ok he said with a little confusion over his face.

I am partnering you guys up because you  will be working on a play i with had out the subject of the play(like love,sadness and all that other crap)please not love i was saying under my breathe.Hear you guys are.i read the script(love)What? i said harry looked over.Aww to bad he said,Come to my house at 5:00 so we can work on the project he said and walked away before i could answer...

how could he not know me?

A/N)i update as fast as i can i swear

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