Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


14. 14// Visit, Last Touch, and Lies

"Where are you taking me?" I asked him, he stopped the car.


"I want to ask you something," he said, with a smile.


"And what is that? Hurry up because Kendall is waiting for me at the mall." I said and he loses his smile.


What was that about?


"Oh." all he could say. "You with Kendall?.."


"Uh, yeah?.."


"I'll take you there, just nevermind what I said earlier," he smiles again. I can tell that his face was hurt.


"Are you okay?.."


"Yeah, I'm fine."


The biggest lie a person can say.


"Cause if you want, I could cancel-.."


"No, you don't have to." He said. "Have fun," he adds, stopping the car. I stare at him without a smile, I look at his eyes, it says sadness. "Be careful," he said before I open the door.


"Thanks." I said. "Oh, after Kendall and I are finished, maybe we could go somewhere else?" I asked, I just want him to smile.




"Sure, see you later." I said, closing the door. I go to the lobby quickly before anyone can spot me.


I finally spot Kendall at Pacsun. "Olla." I said and she smiles.


"Green or blue?" She asks.


"I like blue on you," I said and she nods. "That looks so nice," I said and she smiled.


"C'mon, let's grab something after this." she said, as she goes to the cashier.


"Sure," I said.




"We were fighting over lemons. Kylie had bought them earlier and I felt like making one, and she literally pulled up a knife at me." She said.


"What the hell?.."


"I know, we fight a lot." She laughs. "Oh, my dad is here. See you later!" She said before the car drives away.


I took a walk, Kendall was nice and all but there's something, there's just something that I missed.


I looked up and saw a bunch of girls walking towards me, then boys, then hundreds. I took pictures with a few, but the number of fans are getting bigger.


So I walk away, but they chased me. They keep chasing me. I literally have no one. It was so hard to breathe. The security guards are here to help, but there was only four of them. I tried to hide, but they were everywhere.


I put my hand on my forehead, just to avoid my eyes from the sun. It was so hard to breathe, and it was so hot. Then I felt numb, and my vision went black.


There were thousand of people calling my name, but the only voice I could hear, was someone calling my name.


"Camila!" The voice said.


I know that voice..




"Camila, wake up. You're okay now." The voice said. Once I open my eyes slowly, it was a doctor. "How are you feeling?" he asks.


"I-I feel tired and dizzy.." I said, rubbing my head. "How long have I been here?.."


"About a day," he said.


A day?..


"How did I get here?.."


"You got mobbed by thousand of fans, and you got unconscious. Someone brought you here, it was a girl."


Did Kendall?.. But I thought he left the mall?


"Oh okay, thank you." I put my head back into the pillow, pulling my blanket up.


I wish my mom was here..


I haven't seen her in so long. The doctor left the room and I decided to close my eyes. I tried to get some rest, but I failed, it was so hard.


Then the door opened.


"Hey," He said, putting his hand in his pocket and the other one rubbing behind his neck. He was wearing his signature black ripped skinnies, a sweater and a beanie.




"I heard what happened." He said and I nodded. "Sore throat?" He then asks.


"Yeah," I said, with my 95 year old voice.


"Why didn't you call me?" He asks, taking a seat. I give him the 'really?' look and he purses his lips together. "Right. Doctor said you cannot talk much,"


"Did Kendall?..."


"Uh, she went home already. She was the one who brought you here." He said and I just nod. "Can I ask you something?" He asks.


I look at him and give him another nod.


"Do you still want this job?"


Do I still want this job?


Do I really?


Do I need it?


I do.


I think I do.


I look down, pull out a sigh. Then my eyes went back to Harry's. "No. I don't." I said.


"Well, you better get ready for another act." He said, brushing my hair up and down.


That would be the last touch that will ever give to me, from him.


I'm sorry.


I just can't handle the pressure.


I love you too. By the way.

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