Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


11. 11// Fight, Busted!, and Lies

"T-thank you Eleanor.." I said, faking a smile. "Where's Harry?.."

I know exactly where he is.

"Oh! He's outside," She said.

"Okay, excuse me for a minute!" I said and get off the bed, walking towards Harry who was standing up with a 'busted' kind of face. I dragged him to my room, closed the door and I crossed my hands. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"


"Don't give me that look because you know what the fuck I'm talking about."

"I-I don't know what to say! God!"

"What makes you think telling them that we're engaged will get rid of Jeremy?"

"Look, I know that you're upset but listen-"

"No! You listen to me! I always listen you as if I was your 'maid'. Look, you have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend and you told the boys and the girls that we're engaged? How can we tell both our loved ones? It's fucking complicated!"

"Look, we can easily fight. Not physically but-"

"What would Meredith think about that? Fuck no-"

"It's not my idea. It's hers."


"You're making it worse Harry." I said. "God I should've rejected this job." Then, I added. "It's bullshit." Then Harry fires back.

"I agree, it is wrong, it's bullshit, we both made ourselves even more complicated, we said things that we don't mean. But most of all, we acted like we're lovers when the truth is that we are not!"

"Wait. What?"

The door opens.

It was Louis.

Oh yeah, the door. It wasn't locked.

"Camarry.. You two are not.. D-dating?!" He was shocked as we did. "You are not engaged?! What the fuck?!"

"L-Louis.. I-I can explain!" I said but he ran off. He's going to tell everyone. He's going to fucking tell everyone. I took a step back not believing of what just happened. When my back bumps into Harry, he put his hands on my shoulders.

But I pushed him.

"I am dead. I am so dead." I cried. "Why did you say that out loud? Why did you say that very very loud?!" I shouted. "You fucking knew that they're downstairs! They can fucking hear us, in fact they can fucking hear us right now and questioning what the fuck is wrong with both of us!" Instead of replying, he hugged me.

What are you doing?

"I'm sorry."

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