Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


10. 10// Business, Shocking News, and Lies

"Harry.. I.." I was speechless, I didn't expected that. He was looking at me in the eyes, those eyes are one of my weakness. What do I do now?

My hands were wrapping around his neck, his hand is still on my waist and the other one cupping my cheek.

Then his face is getting near and nearer, was he trying to kiss me again? Closing his eyes which make me to close mine also. And then it hits me.

Her, pardon me.

I pushed him hard, he narrows his eyes at me. "Harry, I can't do this. It's not fair." He was speechless. "Not fair for me, you, her, and him." By the time I said 'him' he snaps his eyes.

"Who is 'him'?" He asked. I stood up from the kitchen counter and said,

"My actual boyfriend." I said and left the kitchen.

Few hours has passed, Harry and I haven't made any eye contacts, I refuse to and so did him. Now get down to the business, I need to call Meredith, she was the one behind all of this, Camarry.

"Meredith," I said through the phone.

"What is it Camila?" She replies. How do I tell her?

"I uh.. I have a.."

"Drop the word," she snaps.

"I have a boyfriend. An actual boyfriend." I lied. There was silence on the other line, I could see or imagine her face right now. Pissed.

"Then break up with him." Fight Camila. If you want all of this to end.

"What? But I love him! I love.. I love Jeremy!" Now where the hell did I get that name? I watched too much of The Vampire Diaries.

"NO! You hear me? I don't want to hear it anymore! Do it or I'll do it." Yes you'll do it, this Jeremy Gilbert guy is not even real. "Do you understand Camila?" She asks.

"No." I hung up.

Now she's pissed. What the hell should I do? Yeah, I told Harry

Harry's POV

We decided to take a snack at Starbucks, the conversation was totally uncomfortable, for me and for Camila.

After we ordered our orders, we take a seat at the corner. About this Jeremy Gilbert guy, she said that she haven't had a boyfriend before..

She's lying?

"Hey," I said breaking the silence. She looks up to me. "About what Meredith said earlier.. Uh do you-"

"I don't want to do it." She snaps and looks away.

"I'm not asking you that, I'm asking you about who should we tell first?" I said.

"We? There's no we for this one. You will." She said.

"Keep your voice down will you? People will notice us."

"Oh c'mon Harry we are visible, everyone can see us." She said rolling her eyes.

"Why are you being so mean?"

"Isn't this what you always do?" She said without looking at me. She stood up grab her coffee and leave.

What the fuck.

"Hey Camila! I'm sorry okay?" I said grabbing her arm as she open the door to the way out. "Let's just go home, call the boys and tell them and everything will be back to normal and such." I said and she sighs then she nod.

"Fine, but I'm wearing my clothes." She said and I smirked. "And you should too." She smiled then walks away, but I catch her up.

Camilla's POV

"Do you know how this works?" I asked.

"Yea, just sit down here, we're not doing anything serious." He said sitting down on his bed. "Come here babe," he said.

"W-what should we do?.." I stuttered.

"Well cause you asked," he said with a smirk then start to pinch my hand. I screamed.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I half screamed. "Wait are you trying to make a..." Oh my god. My cheek starts to burn.

"Your turn, just I don't know hurt me or something so I could make noises." He grins.

"I heard that you're ticklish." I said with a smirk, he loses his smile.

"Nuh uh you can't do that.. CAMILA NO OH MY GOD!" He said running away then jumped on the sofa and it creeks. "I have an idea." He said standing up. "Let's make the bed creeks." He said and I laugh.

We ended up playing pillow fights, I run as I scream making those disturbing noises. Oh my god what's gotten into me?

I feel something was on my foot, I tripped over Harry's charger and I fell on the bed. Harry was ready to kill me with his frickin pillow. That's it I lose.

But no. He was breathing heavily, he puts his hands down dropping the pillow. I covered my eyes not wanting to know what happened next.

He was on top of me Harry Styles was on top of me.

"Harry.. W-what are you doing?.." I asked. He pinned my hands above my head.

He was laughing, why is he laughing. Then he stopped laughing as he lick his finger and move his finger slowly to my face.


"HARRY STOP DONT DO THAT EW EW EW!" I screamed even louder, then he laugh again.

"I was just joking," he whispered on my ear.

"Thank goodness, now could you please get off me?" I asked politely.

"Aww but baby But the fun starts now," he said. He travels his hand from my waist to my thigh and squeeze it, he is literally laying on top of me, he put his head on the side of my neck and whisper things that is not funny.

Not funny.

"Harry I swear to you if you do anything stupid, I'll kill you for good."

He chuckles and keep doing what he's doing, but this time almost tugging my panties down, then suddenly he stops.

"You're getting all the benefit," he said. "Give me something," he said laying down next to me.

"What? I don't know what to-"

"Sit on me."

"Sit on what?!"

"Don't get me wrong, just sit here." He said pointing on his hips. "Now, do something." He said.

"What should I do?"


"Tell me a joke." I tickle him. I pinned his hands above his head. And start to tickle him.

"O-okay.." He said laughing. "Knock, knock,"

Seriously Harry.

"Who's there?"


"Urine who?" I chuckled.

"Urine secure don't know what for,"

I laugh, not because it was funny, because it was stupid.

"Another one! knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Cow who?"

"No, cow goes moo!"

"Rejected! I've heard that one before!" I said, I turned my head to see the door if it was locked then my gaze went back to Harry.

"Camila.." He moaned. Wait what. He did what. He m-moaned. No what.

My cheeks are burning again.

"H-Harry what are you doing?.."

"Camila, in case that you don't know.." He said. "You were moving your hips earlier and it was-"

So he was moaning about that for the whole time? He was moaning for real?! Oh my god I am not ready for this. He got up and I was still sitting on him.

"That wasn't bad at all, right?" He chuckled. "Well, I got to go." He said. "I got a punny story to tell." He winks.

"That wasn't funny!" I smack his arm.

"Ow!.." He moans again.

"Stop moaning!"

"Stop making me then, now get off babe before I pin you against the wall and fuck you hard." He smirk and I immediately stand up.

After few minutes Harry left the room, I laid myself on his bed and look up to the ceiling.

I pull the blanket, and close my eyes.


"Oh my God.." I sit up. "Eleanor?.."

"I'm so sorry Camila! I just.. Oh my God.. Congratulations!" She hugs me.


"Yeah! Harry just told us that you two are engaged! Fuck congratulations!!" She looks at me.

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