Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


6. 06// Plan, Feelings, and Lies

"Yea." I said simply and look away.

*beep beep*

"Aww Camarry rocks the red carpet! xx."

Lauren sent me a message.

I took my phone and text her back.

"Lauren, we need to talk."

"Err, sure, what about it?"

"Something.. Very important.."

"Kay kay, tomorrow's good?"

"Tomorrow's good, bye see ya."



As soon as we reach 'our' house, Harry went to the kitchen while I went to my room to change my dress into sweatpants and a tank top.

Then, I went downstairs and expecting Harry to be in his room by now. But he wasn't, he's still there.

Harry was in his black jeans only showing off his tall figure, I walked slowly but something creeks. Harry turned his face, then his body around.

As much as I don't want to talk to him or even look at him, his uh bare chest just wow.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," I said and walk over to the teapot and put a teabag into my cup.

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea eh?" He asked and I doubt he is grinning right now.

"Maybe you should explain why you talk in your sleep?"

"No I don't."

"It makes no sense to me." I said and he didn't answer.

"What makes nonsense?" he asked.

By the fact that I love you very very much and you just had no idea about me and you're just.. Find a way or two, or even more to crush me simply by Kendall, and wow, lies.

And fake relationship.

"Things." I said simply.

"And does this 'things' has a name?"

"Yes and its name is everything!"


"Yes! God Harry why can't you see?"

"See what?"

I sighed and pressed my palm on my forehead.

"See what Cami-"

"That I care about you." I said and he narrowed his eyebrow. "Yes, I just fucking care about you.. But all I know is that I earned pain every single day in every single lies! Why can't you see that?"

"Because I don't feel the same way."

Of course he doesn't.

"Of course you don't." I said and went straight to my room. I heard him saying my name but he stops in mid sentence as soon as I walk away.


"Lauren?.. Could you pick me up?.." I said.

"Cams? Are you okay? Why are you crying?.."

"Just pick me up please?"

"Okay, I will. I'll be there in 5!"

"Thanks Lauren."

I end the call and hug my knees, then I hear a knock.

"Lauren?" I turned my head to the door, but it wasn't her. After I saw who it was, I duck my head against my knees again.

"Camila.." He said. But I didn't answer and he sighed. "Remember, we still have a dinner with my family." He said then close the door slowly.


"There, there Camila.." Lauren gave me a tissue. "It's a normal thing that a guy hurt you and besides it will-"

"No Lauren, you don't understand.. It's more than that.."

"Then tell me Camila."

"I... It's too complicated.."

"Fine," she said and crossed her legs.

We both just stayed in a silent but I decide to speak.

"Camarry is fake." I sniffed. And she widens her eyes.

"Wait, what?.."

"Camarry is fake.. Harry and I.. Don't date.. He doesn't love me, but I do. Very much, I love him not because of his fame, but I just love him when we were pretending to act like a lover, he just... Argh an Angel.. I couldn't ask for more.. He's everything, he's my life."

"Holy motherfucking shit." She curses. "Why the hell didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"Because it's supposed to be a secret.." I said and she gives me a warm hug. "And.. He actually has an actual girlfriend, like a real girlfriend." She widens her eyes.

"What a dick." She said.

"And now, he's taking me to his family and we are going to have a dinner together, what the hell should I say?"

"You know what? I know what should you do." She smirked.


What do you think? Hope you liked it :) In the next chapter, something is happening! :D

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