Starring Role // Camarry

❝It almost feels like a joke to play out the part, that part, is my job, and my job is supposed to make him fall in love with me, and make him happy, but it feels like a joke when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart.❞


1. 01// Red Carpet, Interview, and Lies




"Camila! Hurry up!" Harry shouted from downstairs.


"Hang on a minute!"


"Goddammit Camila! We are late!" Harry continued.


"Alright, I'm coming" I ran through the stairs and fell.


"What a dumbass you are" Harry said without helping me and walk outside to the limo.


I stood up from the floor and look at the mirror for a last check. Tonight One Direction boys are going to an invitation. Harry has been really mean to me, I know that, and I know that he hates me. But I love him.


As soon as I closed the front door, I saw the other boys with their girlfriends, Perrie, Eleanor, and Sophia.


Harry grabbed my hand and sit next to me in the limo. He was smiling, laughing and joking around, I want to be the reason why he smiles, laughs, and happy. But unfortunately, I wasn't and I would never will be.


The boys didn't know about 'our secret' that this is all fake, Camarry, it's fake.


"Babe, do you want a glass?" Harry asked as he takes two glasses of champagnes.


"Sure" I said trying to be as flexible as possible, then he wraps his arms around me pulling me closer.


As soon as we get there, we walk on the red carpet and get interviewed by lots of people.


"Camila! Camila Cabello!" A girl's voice shouted my name which attracts my attention.


"Camila! Hi there! Loving your dress!"


"Oh thank you" I said smiling.


"So? How's Camarry? Any details that you can share with us?"


Oh, for your information that's fake.


"Oh we're getting really well and Harry is such sweet guy, I love him so much" I said faking a smile.


"Cams?" Harry called.


"Thank you so much for your time Camila, see you!"


Then, I came to Harry who's calling my name.


"Don't get anywhere will you? I had to find you and it's really annoying" He said and I just nod. He then held my hands as the boys come to us.


"Ready?" Louis asked and we both nodded.


Acting time.

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