Breaking Points

Part Three of Sophie Miller's Stockholm Syndrome
Sophie Miller is no stranger to kidnapping. Getting kidnapped four times in the span of nearly three years practically makes her an expert on the matter. Anne Miller though, Sophie's newly found sister and first time kidnapee, knows one thing her sister doesn't: never let Stockholm Syndrome into your head. It's easier said than done when the One Direction boys prove to not only to have sick, perverted sides, but also worried and loving ones. Will Sophie succomb to the boys' charming attitude once and for all, or will Anne manage to get herself and her sister out before she too is stuck with Stockholm Syndrome? After all, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam have proven repeatedly that their breaking points are right around the corner...


7. Different Things

Anne’s POV

Not once do my eyes shut; I’m too scared they’ll come back and take advantage of me.

Time stretches for what seems like days when it’s really hours. I’ve figured out awhile ago that struggling against the ropes does nothing apart from tiring me and marking my skin. All I can do is wait for their return while creating some of tonight’s possible scenarios in my head. Honestly, none of them looked advantageous for me.

I freeze as I hear the boys enter, laughing and talking about the kicking off of their tour. I listen intently.

“This year’s going to be epic!” Niall states eagerly.

“True. Stadiums are going to be bloody mad,” Louis agrees.

“And with Little Mix as an opening show,” Zayn points out. “There will be massive crowds; their fan base is pretty big.”

“You’re only happy about touring with Little Mix because Perrie will always be around,” Harry mumbles.

“And how is that a bad thing?”

“It’s not.”

“Aww Harold don’t be jealous. We’ll have Sophie to keep us company soon enough and everything can go back the way they were. Talking about her... Imma go check up on her twin,” I hear Louis standing up and suddenly, his face is near mine. “You okay up there?” He enquires, as he removes the gag before crossing his arms on the edge of the bunk.

“Oh I’m on cloud 9,” I huff, glaring at him.

“Great. So I guess I’ll leave you like that if you’re so pleased.” The blue-eyed boy says casually, stepping off the lower bunks and turning around to leave. Whoa what?!

“No Louis wait!” I protest reluctantly.

“Yes?” He pauses in mid-step. I can practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Can you untie me? Please? And maybe give me some clothes?” I whisper.

“Favours go both ways here. So here’s the deal; I help you, and you help me.” He proposes, looking at me from the side of the bunk bed.

“Help you with what?” I ask warily. I didn’t like the direction this conversation was taking.

“Oh it depends really. What do you think I want?” The older boy enquires.

I stare at him longly, frowning. He smiles.

“You want me to take you to Sophie?” I respond, unsure.

“Yes that you were going to do no matter how things went, but what else?” He probes, his fingers trailing along the blanket Niall had draped me with earlier. I gulp, moving away from his touch as best as I could. Sex? No.

“You want some time alone with me?” I suggest fearfully, without mentioning sex at all.

“Yeah that could do,” He nods, stepping off the lower bunks. “Remember though, you offered it.” Louis continues, rummaging through a small closet nearby. He pulls out sweats and an oversized t-shirt, placing them beside me on the bunk. “That’s all I have for you to wear... We weren’t exactly planning on having feminine company this soon. Now get dressed.”

“B-b-but I’m still tied,” I utter, confused.

“Right. Wait a sec, I’ll go fetch scissors,” He says, leaving for mere seconds only to return with the object.

“It’s not like I can go anywhere anyways.”

“Cut the sass. It’s getting slightly annoying.”

I bite my lip, drawing blood as I hold back another comment. I recoil though as his hand reaches over to remove the blanket. He rolls his eyes in annoyance.

“Anne. How do you expect me to undo the bindings without removing it? You’re lucky you even have one to start with,” He shakes his head.

I flinch away yet again as he approaches me once more.

“Look, if it can reassure you, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“No it doesn’t reassure me. At all in fact. You almost fisted me!”

“Yeah and? What does that have to do with me seeing you naked?”

“It has to do with the fact that I don’t trust you, or any of the other four sickos.”

“Okay I don’t have time for this. I’m taking it off on three, okay?”

“No not okay!”

“I don’t care. One―” He lifts it off without further ado, hastily cutting the ropes around my torso. “There you go.”

Feeling the ropes loosen, I curl on myself trying to hide as much skin as possible.

“You said on three!” I protest. He shrugs.

“Get dressed.” Louis ends, walking back to the other boys.

Grumbling, I grab the clothes and put them on before following in his footsteps.

“So we're now at the point where you tell us where to find Sophie,” Harry says, watching me intensely as I step in the living room, standing a couple inches apart from their little circle.

“If you really loved her, you’d leave her alone,” I tell him.

“And if you really care about that pretty body of yours, you’d start talking right away. We don’t have all night,” Harry retorts. I stare at him, weighing my options. So either I tell him right away and get off easy, or I hold my tongue and hope they won’t harm me too much... God dammit either they’ll end up knowing.

“The apartment is a little up north of Central Park,” I state finally.

“Great that’s not too far away. I’ll go tell the driver,” Liam nods, standing up. Zayn stops the younger boy.

“I don’t think that’s the right way to proceed. Think about it. Last time we barely had any fans around so we didn’t have to worry about visibility. We’re starting a new tour; Girls will be looking for us. I truly doubt the tour bus is going to pass unnoticed.”

“What should we take then?” Niall questions. “One of the limos?”

“Certainly not,” The curly-haired boy shakes his head. “A small car would be best.”

“We can’t be more than five in the small cars,” Liam states.

“You guys are five,” I put in innocently.

“We’d be seven with you and your sister sweetheart,” Louis counters.

“But you’re five if you leave us alone. There, problem solved.”

“Sorry Anne, but that won’t happen,” the blonde chuckles.

“Let’s leave Anne here with one of us. The four other’s can get Sophie and bring her here before eleven, because that’s when we leave for Washington,” Harry suggests.

“I’ll stay with her,” The oldest boy volunteers, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I shrug it off and he sighs loudly.

“Anne what’s the exact address?” Liam probes, pulling out his phone.

“I have no idea,” I realize after a few seconds. I knew where the apartment was by its surroundings. I’d never really paid attention to the address.

“Anne we have a really tight schedule. I strongly suggest you spit it out,” Harry warns.

“I honestly don’t know,” I repeat, frowning. A wave of fear overcomes me. Are they going to punish me because I don’t know something?!

“What does it look like then?” Zayn huffs, exasperated.

I don’t answer. Why would I tell them? I won’t even get to go home if I do.

“C’mon Anne I don’t have the time for this. Louis?”

I freeze as the blue-eyed boy stands up, his hands slipping inside my sweats. I push them out, replying immediately.

“It’s right across a bridge at the end of Central Park. The building is made of red brick with a black roof and the apartment’s windows have blue and green curtains. There’s a street light directly facing the door.” I blurt out. “Also someone made a small snowman on the front yard of the neighboring building,” I add when Zayn cocks his eyebrow upwards.

“You got all Liam?” The darker boy enquires, his gaze never leaving mine.

“Yeah pretty much,” He nods, tapping on his phone rapidly. “Worst case scenario we call Louis and ask him to get more information out of Anne.”

“Good. So we go there, we get Sophie and we get out. We’re taking Paul’s car. Now let’s go before it’s too late,” Harry ends the discussion, grabbing his coat.

“Wait! What about my Dad?! What are you going to do about him?!”

“I say we give him to the bus driver. The man could use it,” Louis proposes very seriously.

 They all suddenly start laughing while all I can do is gape in horror. Oh my God. This is all my fault.  The tears start pooling in my eyes. What have I done?

“Whoa love. We’re kidding,” Louis frowns when he sees the tears falling down my face.

“You have a sick sense of humor then,” I cry.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there okay Anne?” The Irish boy says, rubbing my shoulder. I shrink away from his touch.

“You won’t hurt him?”

“We’re not sadistic,” Zayn shakes his head, grabbing his vest. “See you two later,” He declares before leaving the bus, followed by the other three.

I’m not comforted at all by his answer. Wiping away my tears, I sit on the couch farthest away from Louis, taking my head in my hands miserably. I’m such a bad daughter. And such a bad sister too.

“Hey don’t go thinking bad things about yourself,” Louis cautions.

“And how would you know what I’m thinking?” I mutter.

“Sophie had that face when she believed she was a horrible person.”

“Yeah well I’m not my sister,” I snap.

“Oh I’ve noticed,” He chuckles. There’s a short pause. “So... Wanna do something while we wait for their return?”

“No thank you, unless it involves you leaving me alone,” I grumble.

“That won’t happen love; you owe me remember?”

“Any of the other boys could’ve done what you did,” I state, looking up at him from under my bangs.

“Nope. They probably would’ve left you bound and naked. I lent you clothes. But I can always take them back...” He starts, standing up.

“No no, no it’s fine,” I babble rapidly. “I’ll keep them.”

He smiles and sits back down.

“I want to know... Why aren’t you even attempting to escape?” The Doncaster boy asks after a couple minutes of silence. “I mean, the bus isn’t rolling, and I’m alone to stop you. So why aren’t you even trying to get away?”

Why hide the truth? He’ll end up knowing one way or another.

“Because I don’t want my sister to be alone in this hellhole. So I have no choice but to stay if I want to leave with her.”

“But the difference is she likes it here... You obviously don’t,” Louis protests casually.

“You guys are so sure she likes it, but that’s only because you made her believe that she does. You’ve forced a mentality on her.”

“Why does sex make you squeamish?” The British boy asks, completely changing the conversation’s direction. “Because it really seems to terrify you.”

“Why wouldn’t it?” I roll my eyes. “I mean you’re entering somebody. That’s just uncanny.”

That was only part of the reason why I loathed even thinking about it. No, the real reason was that I got to see things when I was younger. All sorts of things. Orphanages weren’t the happiest places, and I had heard about abuse more than a couple of times as I grew up. I though sex was simply immoral.

“But it feels good,” The blue-eyed boy cocks his head sideways.

“Okay I don’t care!” I burst. “Why are we even talking about that? I was telling you that you stole Sophie’s right to think for herself!”

“Is it because you see it that it grosses you out so much? The fact that you see all of it happening disgusts you?” Louis probes, paying no attention to what I just said.

“You’re repulsing me and I’m just looking at you,” I give up, hiding my face into my knees.

“So does that mean I’m right? You don’t want to see what’s happening?” He claps.

“Jesus help me,” I whine, discouraged.

“We’re going to try something.” He decides, standing up.


“You’ll like it I promise.”

“That’s what scares me. If I start liking things you do to me, I’ll become my sister.”

“You’re not your sister, you said it earlier. Besides, you two certainly wouldn’t be the first to appreciate what we do; people appreciate our music,” he smirks.

“There’s a very big difference between music and eroticism.” I retort.

“Well one thing they have in common is that they both give you pleasure, depending on the type you’re into. So we could say that in one way, a music genre is similar to a kink.”

“Your comparison is too far-fetched for me.”

“Don’t think about it then. So are you ready?” He sighs.

“Ready for what?”

“I’m not going to tell you.”

Christ that boy is a hard egg to crack.

“How am I supposed to be ready if I don’t know what to be ready for?” We’re going nowhere with this.

“I’m going to give you a little initiation. Get you less scared. It’ll make things more fun later on.” Louis says, approaching me slowly.

“You’re not touching me,” I pronounce firmly.

“I will be touching you, though you won’t know when.”


“Niall told me about your blindfold kink. I’m just going to explore it a little bit yeah?”

I shake my head negatively.

“No. No way. I don’t want to go through that again. No Louis leave me alone!”

“Anne...” he sing songs. “You offered me to spend time together in exchange of your release and some clothing. I get to spend that time how I please, doing what I wish.”

“No Louis please.” I shake my head again, backing away from him.

“I’m not changing my mind,” The brunette replies, pinning me to the end of the sofa.

I start struggling against him but he moves himself so he’s straddling my waist, grabbing both my arms to prevent me from hitting him.

“Anne calm down. Please? I swear I won’t hurt you purposefully alright?” He says softly, gazing into my eyes. I push against his grip, desperately trying to get him to let me go. We stay in that position for about two minutes when I decide to quit resisting his hold. “There you go.” He releases my hands and I start pounding his chest with my fists almost immediately.

“Let go Louis!”

His large hands wrap around my small fists.

“Anne, I can guarantee you that you don’t want to anger me. So stop it and just give in.” The older boy says very seriously. Groaning in defeat, I surrender.


Next thing I know, a scarf is wrapped around my head, covering my eyes. My breathing accelerates nervously.



My heart beats faster with every passing moment. I shiver when I feel his breath on the side of my neck.

“Please Louis,” I repeat again. He doesn’t answer, his mouth leaving a soft kiss into the side of my neckline. My breath gets stuck into my throat. “Lou―” I’m cut off by a pair of lips pressing themselves against mine carefully, followed by a warm hand slipping under my t-shirt to caress my stomach. Our mouths still locked together, his hand slides the length of my abdomen, massaging here and there with what I assumed was his thumb and index finger.

I whimper on his lips when I feel his tongue pushing on my lower lip, asking for entrance. I find myself granting it, absolutely loving the feel of his fingers on my skin. A knot of unfamiliar sensations was forming in the pit of my stomach, making everything tingle.

He breaks the kiss, and I feel his feathered hair tickling my cheek as he nuzzles in the crook of my neck.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” He whispers in my ear, voice sultry with desire.

I shake my head no slowly, lying to myself. I stifle a moan though when I feel his hands slipping inside the sweats.

“Oh yes you’re enjoying this... Because it isn’t hurried and you have no idea what I’ll do next,” Louis continues lowly. I whimper as I feel the skin on my neck break, followed by his mouth sucking lightly on the wound, his tongue skimming over it once in a while.

I’m hot all over now. My breathing hitches when the British lad starts rolling his hips slowly into mine, his hand ghosting my lower regions in my sweats.

“I want you to tell me Anne... Are you enjoying this?” He enquires lustfully, leisurely kissing my collar line. I nod shyly. “I want words love,” he chides

“Yes Louis.” I concede half-heartedly. The blindfold is removed and I’m met with cerulean eyes. The feeling of well-being that was previously invading my body was gone almost in a blink. Oh my God. What did I just admit?! That I liked it?! This is so wrong.

“That was foreplay,” He informs, removing his body from mine. “And you liked it. Maybe you’ll be just as fun as Sophie after all.”

Fun?! What the fuck this isn’t a game!

I’m about to hit him, scream at him do something but the door opens. In comes Zayn and Niall, followed by Harry and Liam, carrying a sleeping Sophie.

“Is she really sleeping or did you guys have to knock her out?” Louis frowns as he stands up to help Harry and Liam.

“We found her like that,” Zayn answers. He checks his phone. “It’s ten thirty; people from management will come in soon to check if we have everything before we leave. We should hide Anne and Sophie in the big bedroom... It’s the only one that’s lockable.”

“Did you hurt my father?” I question them. Niall looks at me briefly.

“Let’s just say he won’t be getting out of his apartment soon.”

“But did you hurt him?” I say again, worried.


Relief washes over me. As long as he’s not hurt, he’ll be able to find us again. My eyes drift to my sister, then to the five boys surrounding her. Harry was caressing her head, Niall was holding her hand, and Zayn was smiling down at her. Wow. I wish I had a welcome committee like that too.

“C’mon. Let’s let her sleep peacefully,” Harry whispers, taking her to the room. I find myself following him, urged by Niall.

“Should we tie them up?” Liam frowns once we’re both on the bed.

“No that’d be unnecessary. They can’t go far in the bus; it’ll be moving anyways.” Harry reasons, his eyes still fixed on Sophie’s unconscious figure. “Good night you two,” he nods, ushering the other boys out before shutting the light and closing the door. I hear the distinct sound of the lock.

Huffing, I get me and my sister under the covers and I shut my eyes, blocking out all the scenarios that could happen tomorrow.

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