Ariella Gray. EMIT Agent. Stationed In London.

Ariella, to those she does not know, may seem to be your average woman. Moved away from her birthplace to try for a better life. However, what meets the eye is not always what lies within as things start to unravel and her world slowly crumbles from beneath her...


5. Chapter 5

Ariella finally arrived at HQ, a disused tube station in the middle of London, an hour late and without a coffee. Unsurprisingly she was still tired. She parked her Porsche and moved her sunglasses onto her head. She sighed before opening the door, grabbed her bag off the passenger seat and got out the car.

The sight that met Ariella was a tall blonde haired man dressed in a sharp black suit.
‘Ah, Miss Gray, glad you could make it.’ He said in the most patronising of voices. Ariella rolled her eyes.
‘Hi Ollie!’ She squeaked in a high pitched, girly voice, and then turned to face him, a giant grin on her face. He looked at her and sighed.
‘You missed an important meeting! We needed you there.’
‘Sorry about that, got caught up in a… Sticky situation. You know what it’s like trying to get a coffee this early in the morning.’ She again smiled at him, sickly sweet and fake, as she began to walk towards a set of automatic doors.
‘Yes, Lily told us.’ Ariella stopped abruptly and turned to face Oliver.
‘What did she tell you exactly?’ Her sickly sweet smile completely gone.
‘Only that you got into a bit of bother while trying to get a coffee.’ Oliver smiled. ‘I suggest you hurry into the OP room and they will de brief you.’ Ariella nodded and continued walking towards the doors.

‘Please enter your fingerprint to unlock doors.’ Said an automated voice. Ariella placed her thumb onto the scanner. It proceeded to scan her finger for ten seconds before the automated voice sounded again. ‘Thank you. Welcome Ariel-a Gray. You may now enter.’ Two years and it still couldn’t get her name right. She grimaced as the doors screeched open, she really needed that coffee.

She was walking to her department when she heard her name being called.
‘Ariella!’ Ariella reluctantly turned around to see a lady in her mid-twenties. The lady was wearing a lilac, knee length dress, with a golden necklace around her neck. On her feet she had white stiletto heels and her long blonde hair was tied in a high pony tail.
‘Hi Lily.’ Ariella tried her best to smile.
‘Darling you look terrible.’ Lily exclaimed when she saw Ariella’s face. Lily stepped towards Ariella.
‘Thank you. Now I have stuff to do! So I better be off.’ Ariella tried to step round her.
‘What like missing the meeting because you need to threaten an innocent civilian with a gun?’ Ariella didn’t bat an eyelid.
‘You don’t have a gun do you?’ Lily shook her head. ‘You won’t have your right hand if you don’t shut up. Got it?’
‘Like you’d ever do that!’ Lily exclaimed. Ariella reached for her gun from her jacked.
‘Go on test me.’ Lily backed away.
‘You’re crazy, the lot of you in EMIT!’
‘I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ Ariella said, with a big smirk on her face, as she walked away from Lily.

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