Ariella Gray. EMIT Agent. Stationed In London.

Ariella, to those she does not know, may seem to be your average woman. Moved away from her birthplace to try for a better life. However, what meets the eye is not always what lies within as things start to unravel and her world slowly crumbles from beneath her...


2. Chapter 2

Ariella looked at her reflection in the mirror directly opposite her bed, her face tired with bags under her eyes, she had gotten no sleep last night. Nightmares had kept her awake, every time she closed her eyes, terrible images unfolded. It was the nightmare that she had had for as long as she could remember, and one of the reasons the lights always stayed on.


The clock on the bedside table read 6:30. Ariella sighed and pulled herself out of bed and onto the chair from underneath her dressing table. Her hair looked limp and dull, she sprayed half a can of dry shampoo onto it before styling her dark copper brown hair into a bun and then straightening her fringe. She tried her best to cover up her tired eyes with makeup and it worked, to an extent. She looked fresh faced and awake, just. She switched the radio on as she walked into the en-suite to brush her teeth. She smiled at her reflection and walked to her wardrobe. She heard her phone vibrate. She glanced over before continuing to the wardrobe to pick out her outfit. The clattering of hangers was deafening as she looked for something suitable. Eventually she picked out a black shift dress, not the most exciting item of clothing, but practical for her job. For shoes a pair of black 4 inch heels caught her eye. Her height had always annoyed her, she had always been the shortest which was why heels were always her first choice. She got dressed and then checked her phone. It read: new message, and flashed repeatedly. She unlocked her phone and proceeded to read the message.





‘Oh joy!’ exclaimed Ariella sarcastically. ‘I have three quarters of an hour to get there!’ She walked out of her bedroom and into the lounge, picked up the leather jacket that had be thrown there the night before and wrestled to get it on. Walking to the door she grabbed her new handbag she had bought yesterday, and flung it over her shoulder. She opened the door in a half-hearted fashion and walked down the street to find her car.

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