Makes Me Wonder (Adam Levine Fanfic)

Young girl Alice gets a Meet-N-Greet to see the band Maroon 5. Head over heels in love with the lead singer Adam. Does Adam fall in love with her too?


1. Sunday Morning

 "Time to get up hun. Don't want to miss the meet-n-greet" My mother confronted me. It was the most beautiful Sunday morning ever. I get to meet my favorite band, Maroon 5. This is it, the day my life will change forever. My life will be complete. I have been counting to this day for a full year. I jumped into a white cardigan and black jeggings. 

Since it was 9 am and the meet-n-greet started at 11, I had no time to eat.

I was texting Sara, my friend, on the ride to the concert. "HAVE YOU SEEN ADAM LEVINE?! TALK ABOUT A HOTTIE!" I texted Sara. By the time we got there, she still didn't respond. I had to turn off my phone. This day though. I can already feel how amazing this day will be. It's glorious. I'm meeting the hottest man alive today. Can you believe it?! 

Oh, I'm Alice by the way. I'm 19. Yes, I'm still living with my mom. Only because my ex and I recently split. We shared a house together and he took the house. One word to describe him; scumbag. As much as I still love him, I hate him at the same time. Very hard to explain.

I had a dream last night that when I met Adam, we both fell in love with each other. Puppy love, how cute! I mean, I'm already in love with Adam, now he just needs to fall in love with me. I doubt it though. There's a reason why me and Morgan broke up. Ugh, I can't stand that name anymore. It sends shivers down my spine. How ironic though, so does the name Adam Levine. This is how much I'm in love with Adam. I can't believe he'll notice me today! He will probably forget about me five seconds after we meet though. Adam Levine- the other word for perfection. Sorry, I'm getting off track so easily. Two more minutes until I meet the love of my life.

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