Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


5. where am I???

Abigail's P.O.V

I woke up with my mother hovering over me "Mom what are you doing?"I said "and where the hell am I?" "We'll your in the hospital sweetie and I was only checking on you've been sleeping for at least 2 hours.."What about the trip to London!?!?! Mom please tell me we are still going!!"I hastily screamed "we will see if your leg gets better or you can walk on it."my mother replied calmly. The doctor walked in with the test results and finally spoke "your leg will be fine you just need crutches for a few weeks" i sighed in relief I thought to myself London would be so happy to see me :D or maybe the other way around.

10 Minutes later

Finally the doctor brought me back some crutches and he told me to try them out by going up and down the hallways." I think you will be fine walking around on your crutches miss Abigail Clark" the doctor announced slowly. As I walked out of the hospital there was a woman about to have a baby and I thought to myself I don't want to be like that if I ever decided to have a baby I would like to go through that!

Skip car ride

I am packing my for London and as I'm packing I get a call on my cellphone saying I won 2 tickets to a one direction concert so I hung up knowing it was fake. I thought to myself what has the world come to trying to trick people into thinking they won tickets to see there favourite band or something.

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