Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


3. Summer :D

Abigail's P.O.V

I woke up today at 6:30 It's a miracle that's the earliest I woke up in my entire life! That's a lie I use to wake up at 6:00 every morning when I was little but yeah things change. I turned on my stereo as loud as it could and danced around because I was going on my trip to London tomorrow :D picked out my favourite floral crop top with my black skinny jeans and my ankle cut combat boots and ran down to the kitchen and danced around got the cereal poured it into the bowl and then dropped the cereal on the floor "SHIT" I scrambled to find the broom to sweep it up and at the attempt to run to get the broom I bumped into my mother all I heard was oof and then I looked up to see my mom standing there laughing at me "really mom" I said " you gotta clean that up I got to go to school now so bye" I ran out to my car which was a red Kia Koupe it's really small but good thing I don't have any really close friends :).So when I arrive at the school I went to park my car in the student parking lane and of course guess who is outside of my car -.- ...... Just Great "it's" outside of my car!

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