Horan's Baby Girl

Abgail is just a ordinary 17 year old working hard in school until she starts to date a boy named Niall Horan


2. Discovery

Abigail's P.O.V

Well it's been two weeks since my mom and dad broke up and two weeks since me and Kristen talked. Kristen thinks she can squeeze her way back into my life! We'll i got another thing coming for you bitch it ain't gonna happen! She got me soo fustrated!

Kristen's P.O.V

Abigail thinks that I'm going to be the person you will solve all of this this but no way I got better friends then that thing or it!

Abigail's mom's P.O.V

"Abigail?why haven't Kristen come over lately?" I asked concernly

"She's just being a piece of shit that's what.she like literally turned on me and went to play best friend to the person I extremely hate!"Abigail said furiously

"That's the way her mother use to be too!"I said quietly " her cousin always came between us and tore us apart

"Like mother like daughter!"Abigail said in depression

"Cheer up! Tomorrow your getting out for summer!" I said chuckling a bit

"I guess I could look forward to that hahaha,Goodnight mom"

"Goodnight Abby"I said shutting her door slowly

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