The Girl Behind The Camera

Jaylynn Bieber (Lynn for short) Beauty Guru. Volleyball player. YouTuber. Lynn is a normal nineteen year old college student with the supposed perfect life. Did I mention she's also Justin Bieber's twin sister? She's kind, honest, smart, loyal, down to earth, and a role model to girls all over the world. Everyone she meets seems to see her as the pretty girl with perfect everything. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect grades. Well at least that's what everyone thinks, behind the camera and behind her pretty girl persona, she's actually very insecure and has been hurt one too many times. Up until now, Lynn has been able to play her role without a problem but what happens when she goes on tour with her brother who just happens to be touring with the biggest boy band in the world right now and a few certain Aussies? What will happen when she catches the eye of a certain bad ass Irish lad? One that makes her act and feel in ways she's never been before


8. The Concert


*WARNING: graphic sexual scenes 


Lynn's POV


The concert was starting and the boys were amazing. Justin and 5SOS opened and ended for the concert. Never in my life have I seen to so many screaming girls in one area. I guess we experience new things everyday. Even though I was telling myself to hate Niall, I was very drawn in by his angelic voice. I hated to admit it though but he was a great singer. If only he wasn't such a judgmental dick. He was very…different…from other guys I've met. They usually just kissed up to Justin or pampered me to have a chance to get closer. I've dealt with mean girls before every now and then but never someone like Niall.

After the concert ended, it was around eleven. I was actually tired just from staying awake with all the loudness and lights. I wonder how the boys must have been feeling. They must have been exhausted. "Great performance guys" the girls and I praised. We were sitting with each other through the whole thing. They flashed me a smile and looked mischievously at us. Just then, they enveloped us in a hug. 

"Eew! Louis!" Lottie said trying to get away.

"What's wrong, don't want a hug from us?" Harry asked us as we also tried to get out of their death grip. The only one who wasn't in on this was Niall. He was taking enjoyment out of our misery and drinking a water. I don't know what changed his mind but he got up and pulled me out of the mess, messing up the barricaded group hug we were having. The girls pried the guys off and wiped the sweat from them.

"Boo Niall, you're no fun" Luke whined. He just smirked and pulled me along and into his *dressing room, locking it behind him. I was taken aback as Niall pressed his lips against mine. It was rougher than the first time. His kiss was not as teasing and more…desperate?

"N-Niall" I said breathing heavily when he pulled away. He didn't say anything and pushed my back against the door, putting his lips back on mine. He continued kissing me and begged for entrance, but I didn't let him.

"Kiss back" he demanded. I didn't.

"Kiss back slut" he growled.

"If I'm such a slut then why are you doing this to me?" I asked hurt, but not letting it show in my voice.

"You're fine with Luke touching and kissing you, but you won't let me?" He asked annoyance in his voice.

"He kissed my hand!" I said a little louder. There was a moment of silence. Niall seemed angry. "Are you jealous?" I asked not sure.

"Shut up" he said lowly and closed the gap between us. He kissed harder and tightened the grip on my wrists. I still didn't kiss back. "Fine, I'll make you then" he said, lifting up my leg slightly and squeezing my butt. I gasped. Niall took the chance and slipped his tongue in my mouth, deepening the kiss. I was quickly losing my strength and his passionate kiss made my knees weak. He couldn't be jealous could he? "Let's see how well you can spread you legs for me okay?" Niall whispers into my ear. I blush remembering the words I said to him. I feel his hands roaming my body, unzipping my dress and pulling it down just enough to expose my neck more and chest. "Why did you cover it up?"he asks me.

"Because, I didn't want it there in the first place" I said with a hint of sass. He smirks as I try to get out of his grip. Just then, he puts his lips against my skin and begins sucking. I draw in a sharp breath and he chuckles. Lifting up my bra, he moves his head down sucking on my nipple. I restrain myself from moaning, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. I entangle my hands into his hair, trying to busy my hands.

"Moan for me. It feels good right?" Niall asks me, looking up at me. His eyes didn't seem as distant and dark as they usually were.

"St-stop. I don't like this" I say with a shaky breath.

He smirks, "That's not what your body is telling me"

"Stop…please" I said trying to push him off again.

"I can make you feel so good" he says kissing my jawline. He begins moving his hands, but a sharp ring breaks the mood. Niall grumbles and answers, annoyed.

"Really? Fine" he says into the phone. He pulls away and adjusts his clothes. I sigh in relief, but couldn't help but notice the disappoint. Did I want to have sex with Niall? I fix my clothes as well, and check in the mirror to fix my hair and reapplied my lipstick.

"Let's go, they're waiting" Niall says pulling me out the door. When we got out, I saw that all eyes were on us.

​"You guys took a long ass time" Justin says cocking an eyebrow and looking at us. His eyes widen and I don't get it until I see the new hickey Niall gave me. I try to act as if I'm not affected by it.

"What's that on your neck?" Harry asks smirking.

"Are you two doing naughty things?" Louis asks, mischief in his voice.

"I got this by burning my hair with a curling iron, gosh. You guys don't have that problem, but us girls do" I say. I look over at Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, and Lottie. Lottie is only fifteen, but she's old enough to know what they're implying.

Thankfully Eleanor quickly gets the message and adds, "Lou, I get that all the time"

"Aren't you supposed to be an expert since you're a beauty guru or whatever it's called?" Justin asks, not buying it.

"Niall, was rushing me so I was careless and burned myself" I counter.

"Why did you two take so long?" Liam asks, studying us.

"You can't rush perfection. Niall did and look what happened" I said going with the lie. They finally drop it and I mentally sigh to myself. I feel my phone vibrate. I take it out and see one from Niall, Eleanor, Danielle,  Perrie, and Lottie.

Nice save. Didn't think you'd be able to cover it up so well -N

I expect an explanation -El

Deets later -Dani

Is there something the girls and I don't know that's going on between you and Niall? -Perrie

That was a hickey wasn't it -Lottie

I sighed that only they realized it. I guess they all bought the burn from the curling iron thing. Well at least they went along with it.







*A/N: I know all the boys share a dressing room, but pretend they all share a dressing room in pairs. 







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