My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


6. Games

Tori's POV

After a while of making out someone chapped on the door and said time was up, Louis and i exited the cupboard. Then things started to get a bit awkward so i suggested watching a movie.

LI- TOY STORY!!!!!!!

Z- No.

LI- Ok but nothing with spoons in it.

H- How about a horror?

T- I hate horror

N- Its ok we're here!

Z- yeah just  snuggle in with one of us if you get scared

L- Yeah totally.

T- *sarcastically* sweet!

We all went and sat down to watch the movie. We decided to watch the woman in black. It started and i was terrified! We ended up sitting Zayn in the arm chair, Harry at the end of the couch, Liam next to me then Louis at the other side of me and then Niall at the end.

About half way into the movie i got really scared and bolted upstairs.

Liam's POV

Suddenly tori bolted it upstairs. I thought that was quite odd so i went up after her.

LI- *knock Knock* are you alright Tori


LI- can i come in?

T- yeah sure

I walked in and she was sat on her bed crying or had been.

LI- love, whats wrong?

T- i just got spooked

I pulled her in for a hug and then  we went back down stairs.

When we got down stairs everyone had put the film off.

LI- I'm tired lets hit the hay guys

Z- yeah I'm exhausted

N- me too

WE all went to bed

---------A few hours later----------

Tori's POV

I was woken up and i opened my eyes and saw the guys all standing in front of me.

T- hi?!

Z- NOW!!!!

Then they grabbed me picked me up and ran down stairs and jumped into the pool



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