My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


7. Carter?

Tori's POV


We all splashed about in the pool for a while then went back to bed. I woke up and hoped in the shower and got changed. I was wearing pink dip faded shorts and a pink tank top which said live life your way. I walked down stairs and made my self a waffle.

LI- Hey Tori 

T- hey

N-what are we doing today

Z- Later we've got an american interview since we're here in California  but management said it wouldn't take that long

H- cool.

L- are you coming with us Tori?

T- sure why not?

Since Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn still had to get dressed me and Louis went outside and sat on a bench and started talking about memories we had of each other. After a while of talking I looked over at the gate and noticed there was a guy about our age standing at it. I slowly stood up and wandered over to the guy and said hi.

The Guy- Hi

Me- Erm...Hi? Can I help you?

The Guy- Yeah. I'm looking for Harry Styles?

Me- What's your name?

The guy- Oh yeah I'm Carter Donald

Me- I'll go talk to Harry then

I walked away into the house and saw harry

Me- Hey there's a guy at the gate asking for you,goes by the name Carter Donald?

Harry- Oh carter's here

Me- you knew he was coming?

Harry- yeah he's an old friend

Me- oh ok I'll go let him in

Harry- Na it's cool I'll do it

Harry's POV

I didn't want her to answer the gate cos carter can be a bit of a pervert and that's why i was reluctant to allow him to come. I walked to the gate and let him in and warned him not to be a pervert towards Tori cos she is a really nice girl and she doesn't deserve that.

Tori's POV

I walked into the living room and saw Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam. I walked past them sitting on the couch to go to the kitchen, as i was about to go past i got pulled onto their laps.

Me- GGguuyyyss

Liam- where you going

Zayn- hhmmm..



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