My name is Victoria Solomns and my mums best friend is Louis Tomlinson's mum so when i said i wanted to go on vacation my mum took this to meaning asking Louis and the rest of the one D boys if i could stay with them.


14. Auhors Note

Hey Guys, so I'm not really sure whether or not I'm going to be continuing this story or not, but please read my other ones. Such as His daughter- Eminem fanfic, Brooklyn and me- a brooklyn beckham fanfic and The girl from the stables- Jayden Smith, Greyson Chance, Brooklyn beckham with mentions of other famous people in them. All of my current stories are of famous peope and are told of how they are famous. The cover of the girl from the stables is me and my horse Lucky Charm but I either call her Lucky, Charm  for short.

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