Gotta Be You

Nineteen year old Jenna finds herself falling for Harry Styles when she bumps into him running from crazed fans. She tries to help and they get to know each other on the way. But through heartbreaks, make ups and break ups, can the two's love survive?

Gotta be You
~ Harry Styles Fan Fiction ~


6. Please Wake Up

Okay guys, I have come to the point where I've had 45 views in total - and lots of people on the reading list. But what I want to know - is anybody ACTUALLY reading it? Comment please. Until I get two comments, chapter five will not be uploaded. Sorry my French Fries! Anyways, I need to have a shower so here you go! Probably a bit short.

Harry's Point Of View


I ran towards Jenna. She couldn't have fell out.

But, unlucky for me she did. I gulped and picked her up. Her head was sliced open, eyes shut, and her legs and arms were bruised. I looked at Paul and he gave me a sad smile. He had called the police, ambulance, and a fire truck, since Jenna's car was on fire. I'm going to make Jenna a promise.


When she wakes up, she'll come home to Harry and Emmy, playing happily in a big mansion with beds and food and water and every thing she wants. She'll get a Lamborghini, lime green. I will do anything to make Jenna happy. She'll come home to millions of dollars. I don't care if I ruin my career or run out of money myself. Which is unlikely.

I hugged her body, kissing her as the ambulance took her away. I began to sob and took Emmy to the front porch and sat her down. "Are you my Daddy?" Emmy asked. I thought for a bit. "Yeah, Emmy, I am your Daddy," I said, a smile on my face. Emmy nodded. "Daddy!" She grinned happily.

I hugged her. "Emmy, we are going to live at Daddy's house." I told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled. We went inside and got all of the stuff in the house. I took Emmy in the limo and the boys asked me if I was okay. "I have to go see Mommy," I told Emmy when we got to the house. "Bye love," I told her, hugging her. She smiled and hugged me back.

I sped away in my black Range Rover to the hospital. "I'm hear to see Jenna Tompkins," I said, pushing my hair back. The young blonde woman grinned. "Hey handsome," she purred. "Forgot about her and we can have some fun." She grinned, walking towards me. She rubbed my crotch a bit and I moaned. "No," I said, running away from her. "Your choice my love," she said, before smiling as I ran to the second floor to see a couple of nurses rushing Jenna into an operation room. I took my chance and slipped in with them.

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