Gotta Be You

Nineteen year old Jenna finds herself falling for Harry Styles when she bumps into him running from crazed fans. She tries to help and they get to know each other on the way. But through heartbreaks, make ups and break ups, can the two's love survive?

Gotta be You
~ Harry Styles Fan Fiction ~


3. One Direction and.... Jenna?

I never expected to get anything more than one view, probably from myself. But I did! So thanks for liking too :) Here's the next chapter! One Direction and.... Jenna?

P.S I may spell Jenna with one N because I have a little cousin who's two and looks like a Harry Styles love child and her name is you spell her name with one N -----------> Jena. 


Jenna's Point Of View



Harry smirked. "Nice," was my only reply, swallowing my spit nervously. "You love me babe, and I love youuuu," he grinned, sounding his words out and tickling me. "Harry! Stop, I'm driving," I said, in between giggles. Harry looked at the time on the beat up clock. "It's three, you know," he said. "Oh shit! That's Emmy's bus too! Oh crap Harry, I can't drop you off first... and there are..." I said smugly. "Teenage Directioners on that bus. I was on it once, but when we ran out of the money from Mom and Dad's will, which was only five hundred dollars, and was when Emmy just started school... I'm eighteen anyways. But I guess you could stay I dropped out of school. The point is, your probably going to get mobbed," I said, taking a deep breath. 


"Slow down, Jenna love. I'm not going to get mobbed. Well, I might, but don't worry, I have my ways. I won't get hurt or anything." I glared at Harry when he said those words. "Really, what did we just come from?" I said, smirking. Harry laughed. "Okay, okay." He said as I cut in front of the bus, earning a big beep and a proud face of Emmy, with her window down saying "That's my Mommy." She said, proudly. I giggled. "She thinks I'm her Mom, Harry." I lowered m voice. "Okay, you had me worried for a second that you got yourself pregnant when you were like thirteen, twelve or something." Harry said. "Oh shit, the police," I groaned. By now, the bus driver was giving me a sorry expression, she hadn't recognized me I guess.


And Emmy?


She was grinning like heck. 


I pulled over, and the bus had to stop soon, thank god. The police officers were two young girls. Oh this will be great. "Hello, loves," Harry grinned, flashing a set of white teeth at them. One squealed. "Oh my god it's Harry Styles! Okay, we are sorry, but we need to give your.... oh who's that? Snap it Jackie, Snap the phone!" The girl with a name tag that said Tia said. "Okay, Ti." Jackie sighed, snapping a picture of us. "If you let us get a picture of us and Harry, then we won't give you a ticket. Oh, and we also need a picture of you kissing or we will put drugs in your car and then call Bryan over and tell him to arrest you," Tia said. Jackie looked at me with a sorry expression. "When Harry gets a picture with Tia, just run love." She said, looking at my Black Veil Brides t-shirt, and my One Direction sweater. "Damn, I love Black Veil Brides." Jackie grinned. 

"Take it if you want." I shrugged. I didn't have on the shirt, instead I had on a shirt that said 

"Time Travels Too Fast" and black skinny jeans and a pair of black vans. "I haven't wore it yet. I found it and it says Andy Biersack on it. It... smells like him too," I said, shrugging. "Oh sweet honey jesus," Jackie grabbed the shirt. "Run bitch, run!" She said when the tires squealed and I drove away, with a grin on my face.


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