Gotta Be You

Nineteen year old Jenna finds herself falling for Harry Styles when she bumps into him running from crazed fans. She tries to help and they get to know each other on the way. But through heartbreaks, make ups and break ups, can the two's love survive?

Gotta be You
~ Harry Styles Fan Fiction ~


1. Gotta Be You

Hey guys! Before I start the story, I'd just like to tell you that I'm not expecting a million views or anything! I just wrote this for fun, so the spelling and grammar may not exactly perfect in some parts, because I type fast a lot of the times and I make mistakes like that. I may upload some of this on my iPod and those chapters will be shorter. I'll tell you at the beginning when I am uploading on my iPod though.Okay, so why don't we start with the story now?


Jenna's Point Of View    A Picture of Jenna's In The Next Chapter!

The mall gave me a little chill as I exited the grocery store. My little sister depends on me to give her little self a decent life, since our Mom died giving birth to her. Our Dad died in a car accident five months before Mom gave birth.


I mean, I'm trying to get over their death, but when you lose really close people, hint your parents, it's hard for a person. 


This is the only reason I shop now days. I'm usually my lazy self at home. Right now, my little sister is five. Her name's Emerson, but she goes by the nickname Emmy. The girl looks like Dad so much it's unbelievable, since I look nothing like Dad and am a big resemblance of Mom. I had her brown hair, which I died, and her eyes. I had Dad's nose, though, but other than that I was a full out Jackie junior! That's my mom's name, by the way.


The small bag I was carrying had two cans of canned spaghetti, two of alphabet soup, a loaf of bread, marble cheese, a bag of bear paws, two packs of Oreo cookies, (what can I say? I love Oreos, and no offense, but hate nutella.) a package of cold meat, and a small, tiny, plump orange bag of oranges. 

I sighed. I really needed to get a job - supporting Emmy was what I was trying to do the most, and working at that small little coffee shop called Sugar ain't paying much of the help. I get five dollars per hour, so I usually work night shifts too. Guess what? I only get $120 if I work 24 hour. The coffee shop extends into a balcony called the Blue Eagle and they serve you all sorts of things for free, but if you work there - the pay is only ten dollars per hour and half, so the price of the pay doesn't go up much.

As I walked out to the parking lot, I put my groceries in and decided to get Emmy a little toy or something since she has pretty much no toys at all. (Just two worn barbies, a stuffed giraffe and three books - one called: The Pretty Pony, another one called: My Baby's Just Like Yours, Auntie! and one other one called: The Animal Zoo, which is the only book she hasn't read. Emmy reads a lot, and is really good for her age. Actually, the only time she came up to ask me how to spell some thing is 'excellent' because she wasn't sure if it was a c or an s. The Animal Zoo had thirteen different chapters, all about the adventures of different animals at the zoo. She's made it to the third chapter by herself. 


I was walking balk into the mall and into a toy store when I heard a scream! 


"Oh my god! It's Harry Styles!" One girl, around sixteen maybe, screamed and ran away from her Mom to a curly boy. Harry Styles? The guy from One Direction? Woah!

Soon fans were swarming over Harry and the next thing I knew I was prying fans off of him and leading him into my car. I shoved him in and then he hissed. "You are a very crazy fan," he hissed, "but a very pretty one too," he grunted in a lower voice. "I'm not really a fan... I was trying to help you. What are you doing here without Paul and the rest of One Direction?" I asked. "I'm not pretty either." I told him, my eyes scanning his. "Oh, sorry. You are pretty, though." He said. "Thanks, by the way. And not really a fan? How do you know about Paul then?" Harry said, eyeing the car. "My friend... my best and only friend... Sarah, she-she stood up for me when I got bullied and cut myself...." tears slipped from my eyes when Harry grabbed my arm, and began rubbing circles on my back. "S-she loved you guys. E-es-especially Niall... b-b-but she's been m-missing for a long time now."


Harry gasped. "Your beautiful, don't let anything harm you. Show me your scars." He ordered. I bit my lip. "Show me them now," he shouted, and a tear falling from my eye, the last tear, hit my scars. Harry pulled the sleeve of my arm up and his eyes widened with fear.

"H-how?" he whispered. "Babe, don't harm yourself like that ever again." He said. I gulped, but then noticed around two hundred fans swarming the parking lot. "Why isn't Paul and the rest of One Direction here?" I asked again, changing the subject very quickly.

"Oh, well we were at a coffee shop and tomorrow we have a concert at a kids school near hear. Pine Ridge, I think. Well, I wanted to get toys for the kids there and hand them out to some." He said. My eyes widened and I pulled out the school photo of Emmy from this year. "Is that your... daughter?" Harry asked. "Sister," I said quickly. I explained the story with only four tears slipping out. Harry pulled me in for a hug. One fan had just broken the window and was starting to punch me. "Shit! Get off of her!" Harry pushed the fan a little and the fans in front of us jumped out of the way so we could drive. One whispered. "Get away from here. It's crazy." to me. I grinned. "Thank you..." I looked at her iPod as she took a quick picture with Harry and one with me. in the car with her head leaning in. One fan tried to mob her and I pushed her gently away. "Run, run, love!" Harry shouted as the girl ran after us, in hopes of getting away from the group of 'fans.'

He looked at the grocery bag. "Babe, can you afford everything?" He asked nervously. "First, stop calling me babe, and uhm, not really. But no, don't spend any money on me." I said. Harry nodded slowly and trying not to let me see, slipped a couple of THOUSAND dollars into my purse. "Harry Styles," I warned. "Sowwy," he said in a cute puppy dog voice. "Awe," I said, patting his head. "I'm cute aren't I?" He grinned. Wow... this boy's beautiful... Snap out of it, Jenna! You don't love someone you just met.

"Beautiful? Love me, huh 'Jenna' babe?" He grinned. "Dammit," I cursed. "It's okay, Jenna, I love you too." 




Okay so this is the end of chapter one, hope you guys all like! Which way does Harry like her? ;)


~LizStyles xoxo










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