last kiss

"did u even care about me?"

"i did"

"then why did you leave?"

"i dont know"

This is a fan fiction about a girl and she had sex with zayn and then zayn left her. But he comes back but she doesn't know if she can trust him or not. Sorry I can't update a lot I have a really busy life:) thnx


4. What the hell!!

2 weeks later


    I was laying on the couch watching dance moms when i got a text from my freind ashley.


ashley: superuper bored right now... wanna go clubbin???????


me: sure i am sooooo bored right now... i have like nothing to wear we need to go shopping


Ashley: dont have to ask me twice, lets meet at the mall in 30min


me: kk love ya


Ashley:i know;)


I threw my phone down on the couch clicked of the TV and went to the shower.As i stripped for the shower  i thought of the last time i went to a club. When my ex cheated on me. I sighed and got in the shower.


I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out of the bathroom to my closet.I grabbed ripped denim shorts and a shirt that went to my belly button so i could show of my belly button ring. I dried and straightened my hair and went to my couch to get my phone and text Ashley that i was on my way. 


When I got to the mall i wasted no time and started to find a outfit. I went to forever 21 and found this really cute tight black leather crop top that had studs on the boobs. Then i went too aropostile and find tight booty shorts. I put the outfit on in a dressing room and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a slut. But i didn't care because it was only for a night so what hell!

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