last kiss

"did u even care about me?"

"i did"

"then why did you leave?"

"i dont know"

This is a fan fiction about a girl and she had sex with zayn and then zayn left her. But he comes back but she doesn't know if she can trust him or not. Sorry I can't update a lot I have a really busy life:) thnx


7. Pleasure of a life time??

I woke up with a terrible headache. I got up and went to the bathroom and my makeup was smeared all over my face.I sighed and wiped it off and went to starbucks to get coffee.


  I ordered the mocha frap and handed the cashier money and waiting for my drink when i heard laughing behind me. Great, its Zaynand his freind. He walked over to me and grabbed my waist i pushed him off of me silently demanding for my drink to come faster. I could see he was smirking. 


  Finally my drink came and i took it to go. I got in my car and rove back to my house. When i got their i looked at my phone and there was a text 


Zayn: Hey babe u know i would love to finish what we started last night;)

me: ya in ur wildest dreams I am not going to see you again so dont get ur hopes up.

Zayn: suit urself i would of gave you the pleasure of a lifetime;)


I didnt respond back i just threw my phone down and picked up a few things on the floor. God i hate my life

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