Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


14. Where's Mia and Jessica?


I had volunteered yesterday to help the students sign back into the academy. I was now packing everything up as Noah helped. I was getting really worried. I haven't seen Mia, Mason, or Jessica walk through the huge doors yesterday. I asked Sapphire if she heard anything from them, but she said no. I just sighed while placing the sign out sheets back in their boxes for Professor Lafont. I then closed the boxes and lifted them up in my arms. "Do you need help with that?" Noah asked. I slowly shook my head. "No, I got it". Noah then continued to fold the tables that were left out. As I started to walk, I accidentally lost my balance and stepped on one of my shoe laces, which caused me to fall. Noah's gaze instantly turned to me when he heard me fall to the ground. "Oh my god, are you ok?" Noah asked while running to my side. I just nodded my head while fixing my gaze. Everything was all blurry. I couldn't see a thing. I started to squint my eyes at Noah, trying to adjust my vision. All I heard was Noah chuckle. I then felt his gaze straight in the eyes. Even though everything was blurry, I could still tell when someone is staring at me. I watched as Noah's face got closer and closer by the second. My eyes then widened in shock when his lips touched mine. At first I was a bit shocked to kiss him, but as the time passed I started to kiss back. I started to feel mixed emotions in my stomach and the little voice in my mind telling me to push him away as another told me to kiss back. As soon as I opened my eyes to see Noah's face still against mine, I decided to push him back. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him off of me. I then felt my glasses next to my hand, so I quickly put them on. I stared at Noah in shock. I could tell my eyes were still wide by his actions. "Oh god, I'm soooo sorry, Andrea. I don't know what came over me......I just....sorry" and with that he got up and ran away to the boy's dorms. I sat there for a second thinking about what had just happened. My hands gently and slowly moved up to my lips as I realized that I just had my first kiss. I was frozen in my spot until I heard one of the huge front doors open harshly. I instantly turned my head to see Mason clutching his backpack with all his force. I quickly got up and fixed my uniform's blazer. "Hey Mason, why did you come back so late?" I asked him with confusion. When he got to the table, I just waited for an answer. "Car problems" he mumbled. I nodded my head as a reply. I then turned around, opened one of the boxes that I dropped, got a sign out paper out, and placed it on the table. Mason just grabbed one of the pens that were just left out. I pushed my glasses up my nose as I watched him write his name. "Ummm...Hey do you know what happened to Mia and Jessica. They haven't come back yet" I stated, hoping he would respond. Mason started to tense up, so there must have been a problem. "Well...... anything?" I asked. Mason slid the paper to me as he placed the pen on the table. I just looked at him, still waiting for a response. "She got in a car accident, she's now in the hospital" he sighed out with sadness written all over his face. I immediately put my hand over my mouth in shock. "Oh my god, is she ok?" I asked. Mason looked up. I could tell he didn't like talking about it. "Ya, Jessica told me she had a broken arm....and her parents died" he said. I couldn't help, but feel bad for her. Mia is actually a great person and I just can't believe she lost her parents, just like how I lost my dad when he died in a war at Afghanistan. He was like my best friend. I can still remember the day when we found out my dad died. It was pretty shocking because he was a vampire, but then again there were a few rumors we've heard that one of the other soldiers discovered his secret and killed him while he was asleep. All of a sudden Mason interrupted me from my thoughts. "She'll be here tomorrow....Jessica told me they were thinking of coming back today, but Mia wants to be sure about it" he added. I nodded my head as I understood. "Ok, I hope she gets better" I said, trying to hide the shock in my voice. Mason nodded his head in agreement. "Yup, I do too" he said before walking away. As soon as he was out of sight, I leaned against the table and sighed. I really felt bad for Mia. I looked over at the boxes on the ground and put the sign out paper back in its place. I then got the idea of helping her out. As soon as she walks through the academy's doors, I am going to help her with anything. I will be by her side so she would feel happy. Even though it sounds like I'm going to be a little bit clingy, it's still worth a shot on making her happy.


As soon as I got to my dorm, I shut the door and fell on my bed. I swear, I just didn't know what was on my mind when I kissed Andrea. Ya I like her, but then there's Taylor my one true love. Taylor's the one I've always wanted, then again I've started to have feelings for Andrea since we started to hang out. She's really nice, pretty, smart, and innocent, which makes her adorable. Taylor on the other hand is also pretty, rude at times, funny, over protective, and has a lot of confidence. I just can't take my mind off the both of them. I'm actually starting to think I'm pretty stupid because I barley met Andrea and I'm some how having feelings for her. I then tried to shake those thoughts away from my head by trying to convince myself that I love, and only love, Taylor, the rude, funny, tough, pretty,and confident girl. That actually made sense to me. I felt like I needed to apologize to Andrea about the kiss, but now really wasn't the time. I then decided to take a nap. Just to clear things up in my head.


I literally had guilt eating me alive. I couldn't bare the fact that I cheated on Mia, and now her parents died, so she's going through so much pressure. I couldn't even look at Andrea directly in the eye because she reminds me of Mia.......actually everything reminds me of Mia. I saw a guy drinking water and it reminded me of Mia because of how much she drinks water to keep her skin and hair healthy. Well, that's what she always says. Anyways I can't get my mind off her. I'm still thinking about telling her or not. If I tell her, then I have to pick a good time and hope she won't get mad, but if I don't tell her, then she won't know, unless she somehow finds out which would brake her heart and she would never trust me again. I'm literally debating about this in my mind while walking to my dorm. As soon as I was in front of my dorm, I put my bags down and took my key out. I unlocked the door to see everything in its place. I snatched my bags off the ground and entered the room. When I left this dorm, I never knew I would come back with so much pressure and guilt going on through my head.



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