Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


15. What's The Problem?


I was sitting on a chair, waiting for the doctor to have my x-ray taken. The nurses escorted me out of the room a few minutes ago and left me here. It was getting pretty boring, I mean there's nothing in here. Not even those cheesy posters they put up, so patients could read them. All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door which made me turn my head. "Come in" I said as loud as I could. The doctor opened the door and walked right in with a tan folder in his hands. He had glasses and a little bit of grey hair which covered the baldness. Lets just say he's old. Anyways, he sat on one of the medical stools and rolled over to me. He kept his gaze on the papers that were in the folder. "Mia Gonzalez" he announced. I clutched my hands together and gave him a nod. "Yup" I confirmed while popping the 'p'. He then wrote something down and closed the folder. As he put his pen in his lab coat pocket, he also fixed his gaze on me. "Ok, I'm going to take an x-ray of your arm to see if it's healing, and if it is, then you could leave today or tomorrow if you'd like" he stated. I nodded my head as a response. The doctor gestured me to this big machine. I then got up and walked over to it. I made sure my butt wasn't sticking out of this hospital gown. I sat on the chair that was next to it and waited to see what the doctor was going to do next. I watched as he took my cast off and placed it on the metal counter that was attached to the machine. I swear my arm looked really pale and sweaty from the cast. Soon the doctor walked to the other side of the machine and turned it on. He started looking at the screen that showed my bones. "Please don't move your arm" he directed. I suddenly noticed that I was moving my arm. "Oh.....sorry" I apologized. The doctor ignored my apology and inspected my arm.


Mia left like 30 minutes ago, so I'm alone in the room. My parents were on their way with clothes for Mia. I sighed and started to play flappy bird on my phone. God I hate this game, but it's so addicting. When I was on my thirty fifth lost, I started to flip out. I threw one of the chairs on the floor and almost threw my phone out the window. I then heard the door being opened. "Jessica?" I heard my mom say. Oh. my. god, I really don't know how to explain this. I slowly turned my head to my parents with my phone still in my hands grip. I gave them a shy little wave with my free hand. "Hey......." I awkwardly said. My parents looked like they saw something unusual. "Flappy bird?" my dad randomly asked. I crossed my arms and took a step forward. "Yup" I sighed. They just chuckled and walked in to the room. Well that turned out fine. "Where's Mia?" my mom casually asked. I adjusted the chair I threw to the ground and sat on it. "She's getting an x-ray" I simply said. My parents nodded as they understood. "We're actually planning on taking you guys back to the academy today" she stated. "Oh no, why, I was starting to love this place" I sarcastically replied while plopping my phone on my lap. My mom just rolled her eyes at me. "Well we stopped by Cost-Co and bought you guys drinks, chips, and Hi-Chew for the ride" my dad added. I instantly got up from my seat while putting my phone in my pocket. "Ok see you there" I quickly said while pacing out. I closed the door and paced out of the hospital to the parking lot.


Since that Ethan guy gave me his number, I started to reconsider calling him. I sat on my bed as I bit my lip. I'm in really deep thought right now. I don't know why I'm debating over this. I mean I made it clear that I have no interest in him, but he still gave me his number. And for some reason I didn't even throw it away or rip it up. Instead I saved it. I started to play around with the piece of paper in between my fingers until I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" I announced. I looked up to see Andrea take a step inside and closing the door behind her. "Hi" she shyly greeted. "Hey" I replied in the same tone. I then realized that I still had the paper in my hands, so I put it in my nightstand drawer. "What was that?" she asked with a confused look on her face. " was nothing" I assured her. Andrea gave me a small nod before crossing her arms. "Did you hear about what happened to Mia?" she asked. I furrowed my eye brows in confusion. I could see the emotion on her face and it didn't look good at all. "No, what happened?" I quickly asked. I was suddenly getting really worried. I just wanted Andrea to quickly say it. "Well......she got into a car crash...." she trailed off. I was then shocked by the news, but I could tell there was more. "And...." I encouraged her. "And.....she's ok" she assured me. I rolled my eyes at her slow response. "What else?" I added, still feeling a bit mad about her slow responses. "Her parents died in the car crash" she finally said. I instantly covered my mouth in shock. "Oh my god" that was all I could say right now. I literally felt bad for her. "Anyways, I just thought that maybe we could throw her a surprise party, to keep her happy?" Andrea suggested. I slowly put my hand down and fixed my hair. I then tried to speak up. "Ya, sure, but ummmm.....when is she coming back?" I asked her while fiddling with my thumbs. Andrea stood there in silence. She looked like she was in deep thought. "Maybe today or tomorrow" she stated. I gave her a confused face. "That's what Mason told me" she shrugged her shoulders. I closed my eyes for two whole seconds and then opened them. "Well, if this party is going to be a surprise, then we better be sure about the day, time, what she's going to wear, where to get some decorations, and most importantly, what am I going to wear" I stated. "And where" Andrea added. I instantly held my hand up to stop her babbling. "That's already taken care of" I assured her. "Ok, then I'll make sure about the time and day, I'll text you later when I find out, I will also get the decorations and if you want we could also stop by a few stores" she suggested. I quickly nodded my head in agreement. When we both agreed to the plan, she left my room to make me go back into my 'Ethan thoughts'.

(Author's Note: Hii, I just wanted to say thx to the people who compliment my story. It actually makes me happy when people tell me that. I'm also going to start updating more often......and I mean it!!! I will I swear!!! and that's about it. I just updated today because I was in a good mood I guess. I mean someone complimented my story, school was pretty fun today, and I threw my remote control in the air and caught I feel pretty special. So, please like always and always will be. Like, comment, and favorite if you want!!!- Mystery Girl 12316) 


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