Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


11. The Accident


Mason was looking really strange today. He looks kinda nervous. I tried making a conversation with him, but he'd just give me small replies. I put all my attention on the road. I then pull over to a near by gas station. Mason gave me a confused look, while I turned to him. "What's wrong with you?" I asked in a annoyed tone. Mason rolled his eyes as he slumped back on the seat. "Please tell me" I pouted. I put my puppy eyes on, but he looked like he didn't care. "Nothing, leave me alone" he spat. I stared at him for a moment. Mason didn't even make any eye contact with me. "I'll be back" I muttered while snatching my purse from his feet. I got out of the car and walked. All of a sudden I heard loud music heading my way. I stopped in my tracks to see a truck with lots of teenagers. They sound like they are having a good time. When I turn around to continue my walking, I heard some girl call my name. "NATALIE!" she repeated. I once again turned around to see Elizabeth jumping off the back of the truck. She ran over to me. "Hey" I simply greeted. Elizabeth always likes to party so there's no surprise that she's sitting in the back of a truck with other teenagers. "Hey, where are you going?" she asked with a huge smile. "I have to take my brother back to the academy" I stated while glancing over to the car. We both looked over at Mason. He was looking out the window with an irritated face. "Ooooo, can I come?" Elizabeth asked with a huge, flashy smile. I looked back at her with pleading eyes. "Yes, thank you, it was getting so awkward in there" I said. She then turned to her friends that were waiting for her. "YOU GUYS CAN LEAVE WITHOUT ME, I'M GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE!" she yelled out. They all understood and started the trucks engine. They were soon gone. "I'll go wait in the car" she stated. I nodded and turned on my heel to go strait to the store.


My parents kept on going on about being good at the academy and soon giving me lectures. I ignored them, I mean I already new every lecture they say by heart. "Do you understand Mia?" my dad asked. I casually nodded acting like I knew every word they said. "Good" he simply said. There was an awkward silence until my mom took advantage of it to start a conversation. "So, have you met any guys at the academy?" she asked. My dad glared at me from the rear view mirror. "Well...." I trailed off. My mom quickly turned to me. "Well what?" she asked with interest. I sat quietly not knowing what to say. I could tell my dad was getting angry. "Whats his name?" he asked with a harsh tone. I looked back at the rear view mirror to see he had his full attention on the road. I let out a long stressful sigh before speaking up. "His name is Mason, Mason Gearhart" I stated. I then felt the car speed up a little bit. "How did you meet?" my mom asked. I didn't even take a glance at my dad, I already knew he would show me a face full of disappointment. "We kinda ran into each other when I was walking to my dorm" I explained. The car's speed started to increase. I looked over at the steering wheel to see my dad had a really good grip on it. "Really...." my mom said, giving me a 'go on' look. I bit my lip before talking. "And he walked me to my dorm....." I trailed off while looking over at my dad. The car was going really fast. I was scared that we might get into an accident. "He also used my balcony to sneak out of the academy and skip class" I added. My dad looked furious. He was always over protective when I would mention a boy, or if we see a boy. The car's speed was so fast that I couldn't even see the trees pass by. "So you like a bad boy?" he asked through gritted teeth. I gave him a confused face. "I never sai-" I continued, but he cut me off. "Don't lie to me Mia, are you going out with him?" he raised his voice. I then felt fear wash over me. I didn't say a word. "Mia answer me!" he yelled out. "WATCH OUT!" my mom yelled out. I then jolted up when my dad attempted to stop the car, but it was too late. A truck hit our car. Our car flipped a couple of times until it landed a few feet away from a stop light. When all the flipping was over, I opened my eyes to see dark smoke everywhere. "FUCK!" I yelled out. I looked over at my parents who were both unconscious. I heard someone telling me to get out. I quickly got out of the car to see there was fire rising from the front. "MOM?!" I yelled out hoping she would respond. I waited a moment, but didn't hear a thing. "DAD!?" I yelled out, but there was also no answer. I felt a woman's arms hold me. I looked up to see a random lady. She looked like she came from a loving family. "Everything's going to be alright" she assured me. I felt tears fall out of my eyes. I was so scared and worthless. My legs got week which made me fall to the ground. The lady didn't leave my side as she tried to soothe me. I cried my eyes out as I watched the fire get huge. "HEY!" the lady yelled out. I looked up to see that she was yelling out to some guy. It looked like he was running away from the accident. When I looked closely, the guy looked a lot like Professor Dylan. "Gosh, people can't take responsibility for their accidents, it's ok, the police will track him down" she assured me. All I could do was cry. Everything was soon blurry from my tears. "I need to get them out of there!" I yelled out. I then tried to get out of the ladies grip, but she held me back. "You can't go in there, you could die" she stated. All of a sudden the car exploded which made the lady pull me far away from the car as possible. Tears flooded down my eyes like a water fall. Out of nowhere I heard police sirens and the ambulance hurry down our way. "It's going to be ok, the police is here, they are going to take care of everything" the lady cooed. I then heard footsteps run all over the place. I looked up to see the police putting caution tape up as the fire fighters tried to put the fire out. One of the paramedics rushed over to me. "Is she part of the accident?" she asked the lady that was still by my side. The lady nodded. "We'll take care of her from here, you can go back to your family ma'am" the paramedic instructed. I looked over at the lady. She had worried eyes. "Are you going to be ok?" she asked. I slowly nodded my head while tears streamed down my face. "Good luck" she whispered while giving me a stress relieving hug. I hugged back until she left. "Sweetheart, may you let us take a few health tests to see if your ok?" the paramedic asked with a soft tone. I wiped the tears away from my face while nodding my head. The paramedic led me to one of the nearest ambulances. I sat down on the back of the ambulance as the paramedic took my blood pressure. A police man walked over to me. "Are you the daughter of the two victims?" he asked. I straightened my back to make myself look confident. "Yes" I mumbled. The police man gave me a worried face. "I'm sorry for your loss, but they didn't make it...." he apologized. I felt hatred fill up my mind. I knew it was his job to say that when someone has lost a loved one, so that means he didn't give two shits about it. The paramedic stretched my arm out which made me wince. "Does that hurt?" she asked. I nodded my head. The paramedic repeatedly stretched my arm out to see what the problem was. I watched as she examined it. "May we ask you a few questions about the accident?" the police officer asked. I just glared at him as he took his note pad out. "Where were you guys headed before the accident?" he said. I stayed quiet for a moment until I decided to use my voice. "My parents were taking me back to the academy where I attend" I explained. Tears started to well up on my eyes. The officer wrote down every word I said. "What was happening in the car?" he asked. I then turned my head away from him. I really didn't want to talk about the whole argument. It was personal, so I gave him a simple answer. "My dad accidentally stepped on the pedal too hard, so we got hit by the truck, and the trucks owner ran off" I mumbled. The police man nodded. "Who should I call so I can inform them about this accident?" he said. After I gave him my aunt's phone number, he left. I just turned to the paramedic who gave me a blanket to keep me calm. "You broke your arm in the accident, wear this for now and we'll take you to the hospital later" she stated while handing me an arm sling. I slowly put it on ignoring the fact that I was shaking from fright. I then sat in my place watching the fire go out. All I felt was sadness, anger, and the tears that were streaming down my face. Something caught my mind though. That guy who ran off kept on coming into my mind. He looked a lot like Professor Dylan, but it couldn't be him, I mean he's dead. Jessica killed him. The paramedics asked me to get on the gurney, as they took me to the hospital.    

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