Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


1. Sad Day



A couple days passed. Everything changed after Taylor left, I mean the academy's not the same as it used to. Noah won't even come out of his dorm! Mason tried to pull him out, but like always failed. I on the other hand try to hide my sadness. I actually try to cheer the group up. Now we were eating always. I looked down at my plate filled with food. There was a dead silence between the group. Nobody has ever even tried to start a conversation........well only me. I looked up to see Jessica texting while eating, Mason was also eating, and Noah's spot was always once again. I then saw Sapphire walk towards our way. I gave her a huge smile. I felt relieved when she sat next to me. "Hey" I greeted. "What's up?" she asked. Sapphire and I began to be really good friends after I came back. Mason also told me she tried helping him find me. I took a glance over at Mason and Jessica. "Well, the usual" I stated. Sapphire understood what I was talking about, so she just simply nodded. "Noah's still in his room huh?" she asked. I sighed while looking down at my food "Yup". The bell started to ring so I got up to throw away my trash. Sapphire and I talked all day even in class. When Taylor left, Sapphire and I started to be close, even closer than Mason and I which was making me worried. We walked out of the building and headed over to the wood shed. Now a days Sapphire and I hang out there during the day, sometimes even stay longer until some parties start. We finally got there, so I entered. I set my back pack down onto the ground as I sat in my normal spot. Sapphire on the other hand set her bag down, headed to the fridge full of blood, and took two blood bags out. "Here" she said. She tossed me the bag as I successfully caught it. "So, is your sister still sad about Professor Dylan's death?" I asked. Sapphire sat next to me "Well....she's getting better.....I mean, I know sooner or later she's going to see a cuter guy at the school and then start drooling over him" she stated. I let out a little giggle. "What do you think its like to be at one of those delinquent academies?" I curiously asked. I watched Sapphire take a sip from the blood bag and then set it next to her thigh "Well. they are delinquents, so it must be either a very strict academy or the teachers can't control the kids". I nodded while taking a sip from the blood bag.


When Mia left with Sapphire, I was left alone. Jessica left to go hang out with her other friends. I then decided to go at least try to get Noah out of his room. I walked up the staircase and then down the hall to the boy's dorms. I finally got to Noah's door. I turned the knob, but with my luck it was locked. "Come on Noah, open up" I said. I just heard a dead silence. "Dude. at least talk to me" I suggested. "What do you want?" he moaned in frustration. "Let me in. I haven't seen you since.......well Taylor....". I heard him stumble onto the floor and walk slowly to the door. "Now just unlock the door" I slowly instructed. Instead of unlocking the door he quickly locked it with the chain. "Oh come on man.....don't be so stubborn!" I yelled out. I waited until Noah decided to unlock the door. I slowly opened it. When I closed the door behind me, I looked up to see Noah standing a few steps away from me. He was so pale with red eyes from crying, and obviously getting skinny from not eating. "You ok?" I asked. "No shit Sherlock" he sarcastically said. I watched him slowly walk over to his bed. I grabbed the chair from his desk and sat on it. "Look, I know you miss Taylor, but you have to get over it......she'll be back next year" I stated. Noah had his face in his hands. He looked really frustrated. "Mia misses you, Jessica misses you, sure to hell I miss you-". Noah cut me off "It sounds like I've been away instead of Taylor". I got a little pissed at his sarcasm, but let it slide "Well, it sure feels like it.........". Noah looked up at me with worry in his eyes. "I thought you guys would leave me alone after I tried pushing you away in the last four days" he explained. I rolled my eyes "We care about you Noah, its not like we'll just forget about you like that" I explained while snapping my fingers on the word 'that'. Noah's frown started to be a smile "Well, that does show that you do care about me" he stated. I nodded in response. We sat there in dead silence until Noah decided to break it. "Fine. I'll try to spend more time with you guys if you don't mention Taylor around me, it would actually make me cry..." Noah said. I got up in happiness "Good, but we will be video chatting Taylor once in a while" I said. Noah's smile grew big. He then walked over to his wardrobe and took the school uniform out.

(Author's Note: I made a sequel because I thought it would be better if the first Vampires Academy should end with Taylor leaving. So keep reading this story because it will definitely continue. Please like,comment, and favorite!!!!!! - Mystery Girl 12316)   

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