Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


6. Psycho Bitch


I woke up the next day to someone opening the door to my dorm. "The fuck?" I questioned. I rubbed my eyes while sitting up. "Good morning my beloved sister" Olivia started to sing. "Fuck" I muttered. Olivia sat on the edge of my bed. "Well, that's not a good way to greet your sister" she said in a fake sad voice. "My sister from hell" I mumbled. Olivia quickly turned to me "Your not an angel yourself". "What do you want, I mean you already ruined my life" I stated. Olivia made a sarcastic laugh "Oh, I love our little talks". I rolled my eyes at her attitude. She then got up from my bed and started walking around my room. "Anyways, I wanted to talk about last night" she said while snooping through my stuff. "What about it?" I asked. Olivia started to play with my collection of bracelets. "I want new girl back" she snarled. I watched as she put my bracelets down and rummaged through my desk. "Ok first of all, her name is Andrea, second of all, why would you think she would want to hang out with a slut like you?" I asked in confusion. Olivia stopped her rummaging and turned to me. "Why do you think she would want to hang out with a bitch with slit wrists like you?" she talked back. "Well, obviously she does" I stated. Olivia rolled her eyes while turning on her heel. "I'm just telling you that you have four days to give 'Andrea' back to me, and if you don't, I will make sure that this academy would be a living hell to her" she said with an evil tone. "Well, I will make sure that she won't hang out with you" I replied. Olivia closed the drawer to my desk and slowly walked to the door. She then stopped in her tracks and glanced over at me "I'm surprised that I didn't find any drugs or blades in here". After that sentence she opened the door and walked out. I sat in dead silence. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself in stress. I covered my face with my hands and let myself fall back onto my bed.


 I woke up feeling really tired. I changed into the school uniform and brushed my teeth. I then sat on my bed putting on my shoes. Suddenly someone barged into my dorm. "Sup bitch" they said. I rolled my eyes at the voice. I already knew who it was. "What do you want Alexa?" I asked in annoyance. She had blonde hair and aqua eyes, but those were contacts.

She's a fucking psycho. Rumor has it that she killed a lot of vampires at her old school. Everyone told me to stay away, but I as my own person told them to fuck off, and that I would do whatever I want in my life. I looked up to see Alexa with her regular, weird ass makeup. She wreaked of alcohol and weed. "I saw your video" she simply said. I finished tying my shoe, so I sat up on my bed. "What video?" I once again asked. She sighed while playing with her golden chain. "The one where you killed a vampire at your school, I didn't think you had it in you. I guess we have something in common" Alexa stated. My eyes widened at what she said. I can't believe someone recorded it. If the police see's the video then they would know who I am and track me down. I put my face in my hands. "I'm nothing like you" I muttered. I then heard her make a sarcastic laugh which reminded me of Olivia's. Alexa sat on my bed next to me. "There's no shame on hiding it, every student at this school knows about the video" she said. We just sat in dead silence until Alexa began to talk "Look, I think we should at least hang out, get to know each other, I've actually seen your school records and their very similar to mine, what do you say?". I thought about what she said. I don't like anything about her. Then again I don't have any friends here, and we are kind of similar. I looked up at her. She was now chewing on her chain. "Fine" I simply said. Alexa gave me a huge smile. "Lets celebrate with a smoke" she suggested. Alexa pulled a pack of cigarettes out, and handed me one. She then took a lighter out of her pocket. I put my cigarette close to the fire that was lit. "You drink right?" Alexa asked. I sucked in the smoke from the cigarette and blew it all out. I could see the smoke fade away. "Maybe a little" I lied. Alexa began to laugh at my response "Good".     

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