Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


3. Dinner With Drea


I slowly shook Mia's hand and moved over to Sapphire who had her hand out. "Which dorm do you have?" Sapphire asked. I looked through my bag that was hung on the crook of my elbow. I slowly looked up to see their full attention on me. I gave them a small smile and continued my search. "Here" I said while pulling out the keys to my dorm. Mia stretched her arm out to grab them. She examined the oval shaped charm that had the dorm number. I noticed that her eyes widened. "She has Taylor's old dorm" Mia blurted out. Sapphire quickly looked over at the charm. "Well, I guess your Mia's new neighbor" Sapphire stated. I looked at Mia with confusion. "Your dorm is right in front of mine" Mia explained. I started to feel relieved that Mia would be one of my neighbors, it's not that I don't like Sapphire, but I feel like she could be a bit scary. "Do you want to go eat dinner with us?" Mia asked. I turned to my luggage that was stood behind me. "Oh, ummm.... if you want I could show you to your dorm, leave your luggage there, and we can walk over to the cafeteria" Mia suggested. I nodded in agreement, while Mia looked over at Sapphire. "We could meet you there" she stated. Sapphire shrugged "Sure, I'll go tell the guys". When Sapphire walked away, I noticed that there were two guys who seemed like they were bored. The three of them walked away without even questioning about Mia. "Come on" Mia said. I grabbed the handles of my luggage and tried pulling them. "Need help?" Mia questioned. I looked at my luggage in embarrassment. "Ya" I sighed. I gave Mia the smallest one I could find. She just smiled and took it. I began to walk up the huge stair case. It seemed like forever until we finally got to the top. "So, Drea were did you live?" she asked. I laughed at Mia's mistake. "Oh my god I'm so sorry, it just slipped out" she blurted out. I flashed a smile at her. "It's ok, my family actually calls me that" I stated. I then flung my bag over my shoulder as it started to slip off a couple of times. "I lived in Antioch, its in the Bay Area" I explained. Mia nodded "I think I've been there, but I lived in Los Angeles". I watched as Mia paced a few steps ahead of me. "That's your dorm" she pointed out. I stopped in my tracks as Mia unlocked the door. She opened it wide enough so my huge luggage could fit. "It looks amazing" I admired while pushing my glasses back up. Mia set my luggage to the side of my bed. "And my dorm is right there" she stated. I turned to see her dorm right across from mine. I then sat on my new bed, that was huge. I examined the dorm. It looked elegant. Very old fashioned, but fancy. "Why is this luggage so heavy" Mia questioned. I looked over at her. "May I?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders while clenching my hands. Mia unzipped my luggage to reveal loads of books. "You have got to be kidding me" she stated. I could feel my cheeks blush. "You really plan on reading all these?" she once again asked. I slowly put my hair behind my ears "Well, I have read some of them. their quit interesting once you get to read them" I explained. Mia examined some of the books, one by one. "I've always wanted to read this one, but I only saw the movie" Mia said in shock. She held up the book so I could see. "The Lovely Bones?" I asked. She nodded while flipping through the pages. Mia actually looked interested, I could see it in her eyes. "If you want.....I could lend you the book" I suggested. Mia's face started to brighten up "Really.......I don't want to intrude or anything". I slowly shook my head "No its ok, I mean I've read the book like a thousand times now". Mia got up with the blue book in her hand. "I swear I'll take care of it" she said. I watched as she walked across the hall to her dorm.


I led the boys to the cafeteria. "Where's Mia?" Mason asked. I rolled my eyes at how over protective he is to Mia now, since the whole Professor Dylan thing happened. "She went to go show the new girl around" I stated. Noah then turned to me "There's a new girl?". I nodded at his question "Yup, her name is Andrea, Olivia-". Mason cut me off. "Bitch" he said in a fake cough. I smiled while continuing my sentence "Anyway.....Olivia was suppose to show her around, but as we all know her she left me with the work". "Then why is Mia showing her around?" Mason once again asked. "Because Andrea got Taylor's old room-" I suddenly stopped my sentence. I took a slow glance at Noah. He didn't look sad at all. It actually seemed like he didn't hear me. I let out a quiet sigh of relief. We got to the cafeteria and noticed it was full. "You need a table?" one of the butlers asked. We all nodded. "Actually a table for five" I added. We have butlers that bring more food when the trays are finished, but when the cafeteria is full, they set out tables outside on the huge patio. The butler led us out side. We all sat on the round table. "Who else is attending this table?" he asked. I looked up at him "Mia and the new girl" I stated. The butler nodded and walked away. The reason why the butler knew Mia's name is because every employee that works at this academy, needs to know every single student, and I mean every single one. "I love when this happens" Noah said. "Right, its like we're in a restaurant" Mason added. The butler came over with trays of food. He then brought us glasses of wine, which didn't affect us at all, I mean we're immortal. Mia finally showed up with Andrea by her side. "Finally" I commented. Mia rolled her eyes while taking a seat on an empty chair next to Mason. Andrea took a seat next to Mia, of course. "Hey, I'm Mason" he greeted. Andrea just flashed him an awkward smile. "Noah" he said while raising his hand with a little wave. Andrea just gave him the same smile. "Is it always like this?" she asked Mia. I could actually tell that she got comfortable with her. "No, actually we always eat inside, but this time the cafeteria is full so, they put tables outside" Mia explained. The butler then brought Andrea and Mia some glasses of wine.  "Drea, do you like wine?" Mia asked. Andrea nodded "I actually only drink it on New Years, but if I have to". I stopped Andrea from then approaching glass. "Why did you call her 'Drea?'" I asked. Mia shrugged while she held onto the glass of wine. "I decided to call her that" she explained. I nodded and began to eat the spaghetti they served us. The rest of the time, everyone at the table asked Andrea a bunch of questions. I also took advantage of that time and asked a few questions myself.

(Author's Note: Hi! I wanted to ask all the people who read this story to help me find a theme song. I want to put a video/song for the story, but I don't know which to pick. So please be generous enough to comment a suggestion. I would very much appreciate your help. So like always like, favorite, and please comment!!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316)             

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