Vampire's Academy 2

This is a sequel to "Vampires Academy".


21. Depressed


"Are we there yet?" Jessica asks for the thousandth time in a row. I barley woke up from my short nap to hear Jessica whining. It's already 4:00 and I'm ready to jump out of the car to see my friends.

"Can you please just shut up?" I harshly ask.

Jessica immediately turns to me with a confused face. Actually everyone in the car does which is pretty uncomfortable.

I shift in my seat and look out the window. God even the dog in the other car is staring at me.

"Sorry" I softly mumble.

My aunt and uncle finally take their eyes off me, but Jessica doesn't even blink.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" she whispers so her parents don't hear her use of profanity.

I look down at my phone and start locking and unlocking it for no apparent reason. "Nothing, I'm just annoyed, sad, mad-"

"Depressed" Jessica interrupts me.

"Depressed" I agree with a small nod.

The next few hours are boring and quite sad. I just watch parents with their kids driving in mini vans to their destination. It reminds me of the days when my parents would take me camping. I try to hold in my tears, but sadly fail. I can tell Jessica is silently watching me from the other seat.

"We're going to stop at a gas station, go to the bathroom and buy some snacks while I put gas in the car" my uncle announces. We all nod at his request.

I feel the car pull over to an old Chevron. It's not deserted, but it is next to Mc. Donalds in the middle of nowhere.

I follow my aunt and Jessica to the store. As soon as we walk inside I walk straight to the dimly lit refrigerators, grab a bottle of Hubert's strawberry lemonade, walk over to the rack of chips, and grab some Hot Cheetos.

Jessica startles me by snatching a bag of barbecue Lays. Worry is written all over her face by my actions.

"Don't be sad Mia, good things will come in time. You just have to be patient".

I roll my eyes at her intention to make me happy. "Look I know you're sad about your parents death, but you can't just drag the sadness with you, your whole life" she says.

I look down at my shoes, trying to avoid awkward eye contact.

"Just get your life together, and you can start by getting that glum look off your face. It's not attractive" she adds before walking off.

I once again follow her to the cash register.

For the rest of the ride to the academy I think about what Jessica said.

I mean, maybe I should just try to live my life to the fullest. From now on, I'm going to do whatever I want, when I want because life is too short to just be sad.


When I enter the woodshed, everything looks perfect. I'm actually impressed that Sapphire did this. I walk further inside and walk down the stairs as all the students leave to get ready for the party that is approximately going to start in an hour from what Mason said.

I can see Sapphire thanking some students for their work. When they go their separate ways, I walk straight over to her.

"You did a great job" I compliment.

"Hey, you look.......different........" she says.

I look down at my outfit then look up at her with a confused expression.

"It's not my style, but it is yours" she adds.

I give her an appreciative smile before flipping my hair out of the way.

"Oh god you also have a collar? Now that's bullshit! Don't take this the wrong way, but I would never wear collars........their terrible" Sapphire says.

I begin to laugh at her rude comments.

"Ok, thanks for your not so descent comments" I reply.

"So do you like the place. I made it exactly as you planned it on this paper" she points out.

I nod my head while taking another look at the place. It's just like I wanted it to look. All I need is for the party to start, now that's when it becomes perfect. I just hope there's nothing that will ruin it.

"Mason told me that Mia will be here in an hour, he's been texting Jessica and she told him that she's depressed by her parents death" I explain.

Sapphire shakes her head in disappointment. "Just try to get her mind off of that subject" she suggests.

I actually agree with her suggestion.


I swear I am going to slap Mia across the face if she's like this at the party. I already tried to talk some sense into her so maybe she would agree and stop acting like a depressed teenage girl........... even though she is a depressed teenage girl. Then she should stop acting like those depressed teenage girls in those overly dramatic movies. She's just siting in her seat, listening to music, and taking small sips out of her strawberry lemonade. We also stopped by In-N-Out to get some burgers, but she denied our offer.

I reach over and grab her unopened bag of Hot Cheetos off of her lap.

She gives me a confused look until she watches me open the bag.

"You need to eat" I simply state. I put the bag back onto her lap, but she puts it onto mine.

"I'm not hungry" she mumbles.

I'm really getting sick of her attitude. I've never seen her like this my whole life. So now she's just getting on my god damn nerves. "That wasn't a suggestion" I hiss back while throwing the bag at her.

She flinches at my harsh tone and action. I really just don't care if she's scared of me now, or just mad. I am beyond pissed off at her attitude. Now I know how my parents feel when I get emotional like that. I almost feel like I want to apologize for my bad behavior too. Speaking of my parents my mom is asleep in the passenger seat as my dad drives with earphones in his ears. I can tell that he has his music loud because he didn't hear me let a little steam out at Mia.

"I'm sorry" I hear Mia's soft voice say.

I pretend that I can't hear her and look out the window.

"I really am sorry Jessica" she once again apologizes.

I plug my earphones into my phone to listen to music, but Mia grabs them out of my hands.

"Give them back!" I demand with my hand sticking out to get them back. She has them in the air where I can't reach them.

"Not until we talk" she states.

I roll my eyes and reach further to get them into my hands. "There's nothing to talk about" I say.

Suddenly Mia's arm slowly lowers and her grip gets softer. Her features on her face look sad and helpless. As soon as the earphones are at my reach, I snatch them out of her hands. She has her glum face back on as I put the earphones in my ears.

Moments pass until I feel my phone vibrate in my hands. I open my eyes, not even noticing that I was asleep. I expect the text to be from Mason, but I'm wrong, it's from Mia.

Mia: I'm sorry for my bad attitude. I feel bad. I swear I'll try to stop and take back every rude thing I said or did!!! :,(

I look over at Mia to see her giving me a weak smile. I look back at my phone and reply.

Jessica: You should feel bad. I tried to cheer you up but you kept on pushing me away, BUT..... I accept your apology. I know your at a really bad state because of your parents death. Just try to overcome it. I'm here for you if you need help. <3

I send the text before looking over at her. When her phone vibrates she immediately reads it. She then starts to reply back. In seconds I feel my phone once again vibrate.

Mia: I actually thought about what you said earlier, that I can't drag the sadness with me my whole life. And I do want to over come that......and I do want to be attractive by taking the so called 'glum face' off. :D

When I finish reading the whole text, quickly I embrace Mia into a hug. She instantly hugs me back which makes me feel her rib bones. She hasn't eaten actual food since the accident so now that I can actually feel her bones impaling my skin, I'm starting to get pretty worried.

"Like I said, lets start taking that glumness off of your face......and get a hamburger into your mouth" I suggest.

Mia laughs until she see's me taking out an extra hamburger I got at In-N-Out out of the paper bag. "I saved it for you just in case you came back from the living dead".

I hand her the burger before she snatches it out of my hands.

"Would you like fries with that?" I ask as she devours the burger.

"Yes please" she says with her mouth full of food.

I laugh while setting the tray of fries next to her. "And please don't talk with your mouth full". Mia then starts to join me with laughter.

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