Miss Elonour Cover Up (Larry fanfic)

harry see's the new kid at school and falls in love with him. as harry is gay he goes to the gay club with his mate and he see's that Louis is there. harry and Louis talk and harry gets Louis number, then that's the start to a great relation ship. But when they become a band management give Louis a girlfriend called elonor to cover up larry. when Louis is forced to marry elonor harry gets left out and starts to self harm.


3. Louis is gay


It was my first time at the gay club. I walked in and I saw boys kissing and grinding on another. some boys were touching up on this one guy. I was grabbed and pulled aside, someone was grinding on me I didn't know them but it was so nice. it had been awhile since I last got it on with someone and this harry kid I wonder if he is gay. I walked over to the bar and got a beer, the door opened and I looked to see who it was hoping it was harry but it was Niall. I stood up to walk over to Niall but harry walked in after him, I ran back to my seat looking away. I hear Niall already getting it on with some boys, I chuckled slightly. "a beer please" I heard harry say I could tell he was already drunk. he sat down next to me I looked in my glass to see his reflection in it, I smiled. "Louis?" harry says tapping my shoulder

"yeah," I look around to see Harry's face "aren't you harry, are you gay?" I asked

"yeah im harry and im gay, are you gay" harry put his hand on my leg and I smiled

"yep, im gay my fi-" I got cut off. Harry softly held my chin and kissed me with his soft lips. I pulled harry closer to me and I put my hands on his bum. he turned me around and grinded on me, I moaned. he pulled me over to a couch and led me on it, putting his leg each side of me.he kissed my neck. I sat up and kissed him. "Harry, I like you, do you wanna be my boyfriend?" I said shyly. "yeah, I like you to"

(Sorry that my chapters are so rubbish and short, I need help with some new chapters for this story can anyone help)


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