Lauren and Niall have been getting involved and got to invloved a couple nights ago will Lauren be ok????



     I was in  class next to my boyfriend and the next thing you know is I feel sick all of the sudden.  I stood up and ran to the bathroom with Niall on my tail I got to the bathroom and puked Niall ran in with me and made me do a pregnancy test.  The damn test had four smiley faces uggg defiantly Niall's kid.  Niall took me to the school nurse she loves me she always has loved me to the nurse took me and Niall to the hospital I got my scans done they said I was a defiantly pregnant kid and I was told to come back in 6 weeks.  I looked up at Niall and smiled we did it babe yes we did baby yes we did it had been 6 weeks and I found out I was due on September13,2013 and that I was having a baby girl.   

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