The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


9. chapter 8

I can feel the flame of hate distinguish and enlighten another. That flame was with compassion and then I recognized him my old flame. The resin I left the home planet was because of him, because of Grimmen. I felt a sudden urge to jump up and shout that I loved him but I knew I had to restrain myself as our eyes met and his facial expression changed to where I wondered if that he knew what I was thinking was the same as his. The calmness between both of us started to get a calm and eerie sound of nothingness.

“You do remember me?” Grimmen said and I started to stand onto the mountain top and he must have known what I was thinking while he continued his speech. “So you do remember me. Your once love but you RETREATED! Not only from me but from our home! This is the beginning of the beginning and I am going to make sure it subsides so it can’t go back to the way it was when we were hiding with most of the creatures discerning that we are one of them instead of what we truly were. We can’t hide ourselves forever, realize that and then see why I am undertaking this since all of this is completely your fault.” I started to go after him since I had the hunger to do so but I instead stayed thinking that I should wait for the best moment to strike.

“What do you mean I RETREATED?” I asked trying to get him to stand down but instead he turned and went off leaving me in wonder but he did say one last statement before he left.  Grmmen looked away as if he didn’t want to speak to me anymore.

“You are the resin that this is happening Temetra.” Was all he alleged before he calmly left me in wonder. All I could do was watch as he went out to the distance.

“Why didn’t you go after him?” Was the only thing comment that escaped from Mircina’s mouth and I was furious that she would have the gumption to ask such a thing.

“What about you? You could have attacked him or urged me to stop him from just calmly leaving like he hadn’t done anything to destroy a world at all!” I yelled and started to come down of the mountain to confront her. Mircina’s expression was maddening to where I was ready to fight her in this time but then I remembered that I can’t for the fatal aspect of the future.

“It’s not my place.” Mircina whispered as if I was not supposed to hear those words but I did and it put me in a spiral trying to find her motive.

What do you mean it’s not your PLACE?” I yelled and turned her to face me thinking that I had gotten myself over my head with thins saving the world notion again.

“I mean, it’s hard to explain.” I was done with her antics as I started to grab her by the color but I knew better in front of a royal but that was not enough to set her to the ground.

“Try me.” I dared as I finally threw her down to the ground the ash clouded her backside when she landed but afterwards she slowly got to her feet and we kept going on our argument. Mircina’s eyes were dodging me as she knows something that I had done that she knows would devastate me.

“Well he’s right.” She breathed still avoiding my glares innocently. I was still not satisfied with the remarks that she has made. I sensed heat reach my eyes and started to tower over her to where I was trying to let fear sink into her and let her spill the some sort of secrete that she was hiding.

“Right?” I questioned before I stabbed her with all the words that sputtered out of my mouth in a whirlpool of words. “To what extent is he RIGHT? He doesn’t have the audacity to even, to even, think this through.” I lost my words thinking that I shouldn’t judge what has been part of my possible fate even before the adventure even started. Mircina breathed a slow breath in front of me and I suspected it is because she was choosing her words carefully like she did not want to upset me although I already was.

“He is right about one thing…”Mircinca trailed off as I made her uneasy. I can tell that inside her she felt only an inch tall.

“Then tell me what it is! I am tired of these games that you are playing making the info that I am asking very difficult!” I argued as she continued in a very soft voice that almost didn’t hear.

“He is, you both, he has a reason why our world died in the first place.” She whispered to me and I lost it and let all the flames of words rage out of my mouth and stab her over and over to where I knew she was ready to fight me. All of this to save her flesh because of this one entity that she is not telling me constructing the conversation unbearable to me as well as making me ask unnecessary questions.

“What? Why am I the resin that out world has died in the first place?” I shuddered thinking that I had to be in some sort of hoax.

“Because this is the first world. Even before earth and our world became what it will be. These are Flamoinds the fire creatures that are creators.” Mircina finally explained as she moved past me slowly and faced the fiery creatures that inhabited the world that we are standing at. The fiery people was staring at us and possibly hoping that we will go on this quest that I for one do not want to go on at all. “This is the part of the missing history. “  She stood in front of the Flamoinds with a strong stature and hands to her sides as if she was a statue.

“What do you mean missing history?” I asked looking at the Flamoinds myself as their bodies were becoming slow partials of ash and charcoal.

“The part where things don’t belong nonetheless they blend so well to where one can be one portion of the new realm while another can turn into something grand.” Mircina explained as the queen of the Flamoids started to speak her lounge in a calm way to where even I started to settle down.

“She is right.” The queen spoke and I was baffled at the aspect that she knew what Mircina was explaining. “Your friend had suffered something that none can believe and that is the horrible thing that drives him to our lands. What you became is now what is going on.” I looked at her in shock since I do not understand entirely what this world about other than this is a world of fire and anew. And then it hit me that I was going have to do twice the work that I normally had to do to save one world because of what Gimmen had done to smother the flame but enlightened some flames in me which might lead to his demise.

“So basically I have another choice to make right now to where I now have to save two worlds!” I called out thinking that this couldn’t be what would be expected of me since I am not the time saver or traveler. I am just a simplistic keeper but then again with time changing with these new experiences that I am having I guess I could be the saving the world type but I am not sure how.

“It’s not two worlds, it’s one.” Mircina said as she calmly placed a hand around mine to say that she is a comrade. Then I understood as I got out the picture of our old world once again to look at it. I knew that even with this Importance that I have in my hand at the moment would not bring back what we had lost. I looked at her with tears now strolling down my face for not getting the true picture in the first place. I can see the opposite me just standing there in my face thinking that this is going to be the end before the beginning of even a kind race that everyone knows in the present of Earth.

“Save the past, save the future.” I heard Mircina said and I agreed with the statement. I started to break away from her and started to walk the way that Gimmen went hoping that he didn’t get too far but before I forgotten the statement that has now became a lifestyle. I looked over my shoulder to where Mircina’s eyes and mine met she looked hopeful as I repeated the new lifestyle statement.

“Save the past, save the future.”

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