The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


8. chapter 7

The world was dark and reminded me for a while that this world was earth and become the darkness like mine had become. I walked around and thought that this had to be what a world on the edge must be. The smoke arose from the buildings that painted the sky black as night and at the top of one of the piles were bodies that were hung from a post that said something in a strange language underneath it.

“Mircina?” I questioned and when she looked at me and it told me that she wasn’t sure where we were either as I started to become scared as I started to walk in a daze to try my best to comprehend what is happening. The light of the flames was blinking through the sky reacted like little creatures that were dancing about but as I looked closer then I realized that it was little creatures that were scurrying around and then they came to my feet. The small creatures that were in the flames jumped out and stood their stature that almost came to my knees.

“What are you doing here?” I managed to get out of their language. The language felt like they were mumbling but I could see that their mouths were like lava that dripped from their fangs that I assume were made of coal. I walked around them and one had drifted the flames to where one could touch me thinking that they know what type of my species can and cannot have.

“I am here because someone is trying to destroy my planet and I got to stop him.” I said as he held on me and looked up onto the mouton to where I knew that the mysterious guy that I had met earlier his stature was different than what I had known before and I studied the figure to something that I was not sure about. The figure looked like a woman but it also looked like she was part of this civilization as well as she came down to meet us.

The woman had flame hair that flowed like a torchlight that was into the wind that was gently string the ash that was in the air around us. I started to wonder what was going to happen to us as she started to speak in the same muffled voice as her followers. “I hear that you have come to search for moments in time and history though you are not permitted to do so then you must leave.”

“But there is there something about this world that is wrong?” I quickly asked to save our skin but then I realized that there might be nothing to say. I hoped that there might be something here for us to save but alas I spoke without thinking.

“Yes the grand fuel of the flames had been taken from us.” The queen said and I was enlightened that I might have just saved us after all. My eyes widened as if I might be a good keeper after all. The only ways to gain there trust was to do this one task that way the flame creatures wouldn’t scorch us to many small cinders that would fall to a pile of ash. Mircina was as much as a lost as I am but she took over the conversation from there.

“We will get the flame back for you though there is only one digression, we sadly are new to your lands and we wish not to be harmed. So I wish there is a guide for us to learn your lands.” Mircina asked and I felt relieved that she had taken over as I can hear my heart thump inside my chest hoping that this mistress of flames can spare us and put mercy on both of us that way she is not sending us on a mission of death.

I glanced around realizing that more of the creatures had lifted their heads from the ashy ground. I started to worry that this might lash back at us. But so far it has done well as I started to want this moment but then I turned around and then I just felt that time had slipped faster than what it has been. Then I saw a shadow and thought that someone was watching us. I hurried to it leaving Mircina alone with the fire queen and I knew that it had to have been a mistake. I climbed the side of the mountain as I can hear the cries from bellow me that they see the flame. I looked up to see the same mysterious boy that I had seen earlier.

“So you have desisted to fallow me Temetra?” He sounded like he was stating more of a question. I shook off the fact that he was trying to throw me off the prize.

“I have found you because you are trying to take more worlds.” I huffed as I swiped at the flame but only got air. I felt my balance tilt as I had landed on the side of the peek that the mysterious boy was standing on.

“Always full of flame.” Was the only words that he spoke. Rage boiled inside of me as I can see my new target but before I can do he put his hand on top of the flame and acted like he was going to squash it flat to where there flame would go out. “This is what you did to our world and this is what will happen to the world that had yet to come!” He called as he clamped his hands together and the light went out.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t believe what I just saw as one moment there was light and then again it was just gone. Gone forever and he was the one that did that. I lunged at him as he swept aside letting me dodge him gracefully to where our eyes met. I can see the hate and loneliness that had been seeded and grew into something out of being alone as well as looking for something personal.

“You are truly evil.” I hear myself say and I liked the bitterness that came with every word. I landed on top of him and started to pin him to the ground. The boy looked surprised and then I felt something that I never thought as I felt something different than looking from afar.

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