The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


7. chapter 6

The portal felt cold and damp as I thought that the darkness of the walls was the same thing that I felt, cold and alone. We could see the glistened white path in front of us and I thought it was awkward that the path contrasted with the walls making it seem a lot longer than hopefully it isn’t. “This way,” Mircina notated while I fallowed thinking that I am absolutely nuts on doing this save the world thing that she is noticing but I had gotten myself this deep already so I better keep on going. We went along the path in silence after that comment as we both left each other to our thoughts while mine was panicking horribly on being a time Keeper not a Traveler as I am not used to it.

“Mircina?” I questioned and she turned around with glossed over eyes like I was going to say something that would make her so ecstatic that we both might be shock to find out or at least one of us should know well. “How did you know me even though I took the memory from you?” I asked and her face drooped like I was being denied right then.

“You only destroyed the earthling side of me.” She bluntly stated making me think that she had changed herself to where she might had forgotten our home planet that or I had hit a nerve to where she is now almost mute. I had wondered what I had done and shuddered in the fact that she had now turned away. We are both back to where we were; quiet while looking at the path making sure our footing is secure before pressing down fully on our feet.

“But how could I?” I quickly asked because the silence between us was starting to annoy me to where I wondered if she was able to speak to me at all. But all I got was a huff saying that all Mircina wanted was to keep moving to the end of this. Her paces had been unsure through the entire trip through this portal that we were doing the right thing as well.

“You only take what was performed at that moment. I cannot perform to be the human six year old again but just the alien six hundred as you portray me to be since my ability had been taken.” Mircina hissed and I can tell that she is quite unfortunate that I had done what I did and I quickly thought up a way to get her back to my side for the moment. I felt saddened that I had not realized what I had taken something that might be precious to survival since I had now given her a end of a existence. I wanted to give her back the picture if I only could retrace my steps into the past but I destroyed it without realizing the challenge that I had made for not only Mircina, but as well as myself. We went along the path in silence one again thinking that there is something that had missed but then we had made it to the end of the tunnel that had opened to another world.

“Here we are the end of time itself.” Mircina said out loud to where it made me think that she had to be kidding that this is the apocalypse that I was thinking of but unfortunately I was wrong to think this way.

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