The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


6. chapter 5

“Mircina,” I whispered to myself as it felt that I recognized the name from somewhere from my decades before I came to the planet that I now call home. She looked like her ears was waiting a few words that she might be waiting on but I didn’t know what that item or message that she was looking for but then her eyes narrowed like she was getting disappointed.

“You are not the only one anymore with the powers since earth is starting to get overhauled to where the world might.” She started and I knew what she meant as I noticed that there were plains in the sky that I had never seen before and technology wasn’t assure of itself to where it could sour without question.

“End. But I am not a traveler I am just a keeper!” I finished for her and she took my hand and nodded in front of us to where the sense of adventure surged through my body. Mircina glanced at me to where I can feel the bullets of her glare go straight to my soul.

“Tis not the time to announce what designation of time you have because it doesn’t matter now. What matters now that save this abode that we both call home.” She sighed as she was truly disgusted that I was refusing to see the clear picture that I was not alone anymore in this world of time keepers and travelers. Mircina grabbed something out of her back pocket and threw it out to the void that opened to a different world or an unidentified peace of time that none had discovered.  “Are you going to do something wonderful and eccentric in your life or just stand and let the world go to shambles to disarray?” She questioned and left me in shambles in choice. I didn’t know what to do as well as what to say anymore while all this had been itching to catch up to us eventually.

My head was going everywhere and I couldn’t keep it strait to where I can think. I spun around and knelt trying to see if that would let the possess go much smother but it just made it more hectic in my train of thoughts. I can see that the ground started to spin and I felt queasy as I wanted to say I am coming but I am scared. Scared of finding out what might be on the other side since the last time I walked through a portal it was the last time I saw my home planet of Caverina.  Thankfully, Mircina pulled me back to reality with only one phrase and I can see the portal closing behind her as she stated it.

“Temetra, are you coming?” Mircina questioned and I had my answer ready although it wasn’t the one that I wanted to slip out of my mouth but it is the one that I would never regret.

“Of course Miricina. I can’t let this inhabitance die because someone messed with the past to kill the future they gave us a home even if we slipped in unannounced.” I let the words slip out of me mouth and I was happy with the words that fell as they were the ones I was feeling that would be the one sentence that I would remember if I am young or old even the past or the future.

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