The time KEEPER (not traveler)

Temetra is my name. and there is one thing about me i am a time KEPPER not a traveler. that is (i get tired of explaining this) i keep moments of time but being a keeper is not all that it's cracked up to be.


5. chapter 4

I can feel negativity grace across my lips as I knew that I had lost him. I stayed on the ground for a moment and then I pounded my fist to the ground in anger. I wanted to go through the portal and fallow him but I knew I had missed him because I hesitated for much too long.

I saw only grass in front of me that assembled themselves almost like nestles that should plaster through my body but I know that would not be the case for the moment or ever when I want it as I can feel the world change around me. The sky growing darker was just the beginning as the ground started to shift to become wormer like the world had never changed.

But I know it has in all the ways shapes and forms from the color of the sky that the normal inhabitance here would only think of it as a thunder storm but I know what is truly happening as in the times are changing but it is for the worse and only I can see it because everyone else is oblivious to it. I know I can change it since I have the power to do so but here I lay on the ground conjuring up things that I cannot change and yet I can since I can travel through the pictures but what would that do to me?

But alas I figured it can’t harm me anymore than what it already had and I turned over and saw the kid that I had seen earlier. I was stunned that the kid had stayed put this whole time and I was worried on how much the kid has seen but then again the imitative profile of most young kids in this land has in this time but then again it may not.

The kid had the astonished look among its face like the scene was superb while here I lay facing this new predicament. “How much of that portal did you see?” I asked and the kid looked at me ashamed like he or she knew me.

“About all that the marvelous scene had portrayed.” The kid explained and it astonished me that the kid had a sense of vocabulary that is as elaborate and exquisite as mine but how a modern and about age six kid have an intelligence and withstand knowledge of what words he or she is saying unless they are a prodigy and in was the humans call a collage at the highest degree.

I sat up from where I was and just glared at the kid thinking that I had to be in a trace or dreaming that I must had expired of this world or that this is a, as a human tongue says, bad dreams, which I don’t understand how a dream can be bad if it is made from one’s mind when the same mind can change the ending in a snap.

“And you wonder how I know an extensive amount of vocabulary? You cannot portray that you are the only one from the Keeper’s here do you? We are essential to the environment here since practically since we have moved since our dear planet became shambles.” The kid explained jarring a load of my own sadness into my mind of seeing our world in flames. I quietly got to my feet but acted like the land had become wet and would let me fall through it as the one thing that I kept in the last five thousand years that I had been here and I had seen so much in that thousand years when our lifespan can reach to an earthling’s million years  to where I had seen a bit of earth early years of life and the end of  my own thinking that I had seen almost two worlds burn and I know a secrete about the one and an answer how the other almost never came.

“But how do you know about the old place we called home? Unless you are a keeper and that is the truth then how do you remember and not me other than this...” I questioned as I scurried to find the picture in my bag and then I just realized that the search would be useless to where it was hilarious for me to do that. I looked up and saw the blank face that my comrade. I call her that since she is from my home planet of Caverena.

Caverena is a lot like earth but it is in a galaxy light years away from this one that I inhabit now. It was a beautiful planet that was quite perfect to where there had to be nothing wrong in this world, but there was the levies burst that we had built and we had destroyed our own planet since the water rose but there was one thing one group was stealing was memories. I do not remember anything of that group but all I have is the final moments of the planet right here as I brought it up in my bag the only importance that I had taken since our species had dispended or is dead with the world I have in my bag. The only thing that I remember of how the land looked like was above ground, as in aired buildings that floated in the sky but still had ground to drive on but that weren’t the only thing that Caverena was known for being an excellent planet for experiments and we weren’t looking after it at all and went into turmoil on everything even government wouldn’t cooperated to where nothing would come to an conclusion bit they did agree on one thing once when it was too late for all but a selected few to where that answer was flee from the planet we called home.

“I am Temetra, do you not remember me? Pity.” The kid said and I got up from the ground slowly to where I gave myself time to think on a moral and seamless response to where he or she would understand but I didn’t have to say a word and it seemed like there was more to this fellow planet inhabitant than what I had already witnessed since, I supposed that she two, is an keeper or something in that nature, like me that is one of the many powers that the people had at my old abode.

“I do not remember anything other than little bits of what our planet looks like but I do have this.” I said and showed the kid the picture and I knew it was going to backfire on me as soon as I find out that this kid might just be either my savior of will devour me in the glance of darkness till I can’t fulfil my mission to get this place back together before it falls apart.

“You have something that we all want.” The kid sighed as if she knew something that I didn’t. I noticed that the kid actually had a blonde to almost a true lemon yellow that I didn’t notice before. “The name is Mircina. I am shervi (a girl.)”. She said in the tongue that I haven’t heard in over four hundred years to where I knew I might be able to trust her in my adventures.

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